Pirate costumes for the dolls

    I have three American Girl Dolls; Molly, Josefina, and Addy. I have made some very simple clothes for them, but never attempted anything big. Until now. It started when a friend of mine suggested that we make Pirates of The Caribbean costumes for our dolls. Both of our families had recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and had really enjoyed them; so I agreed, and the planning began! I decided to turn Molly into the pirate Barbosa, Josefina into Captain Jack Sparrow, and Addy into Tia Dalma.
Each character has rather complicated costumes, so it took me a lot of planning to figure out what to make. Then there was the problem of making it, because I only had patterns for boots, a hat and pants. And I needed patterns for shirts, jackets, dresses, vests, belts, swords, oh my!! It took awhile, and I discovered that I have a talent for adapting and drawing patterns. After a week of work, I finally had my pirates!
Josefina as Captain Jack Sparrow
Addy as Tia Dalma
Molly as Barbosa
Jack and Barbosa dueling


  1. This may well be one of the most perfect things I have ever encountered:D

    1. :D :D Thanks!! I had a lot of fun designing and making the costumes!
      Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean?


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