Summer Camp 2014

    This summer I went to a summer camp in Doon Heritage Village, which is a 1914's village that has been recreated. In the camp, you were able to become apart of the village, and cook in their kitchens, work in their gardens, help with chores, run errands; it was an awesome experience! For me the best part, ( besides working in the blacksmith shop, and learning string games) was the amazing costumes you got to wear!

It was hot wearing stockings and long sleeves, but that is what made it authentic!

It took a bit of time to get used to wearing such a big hat, but now I miss it!
I like this shot because of the contrast of time periods, an old costume, with a modern car behind it. I felt like I lived in two different worlds!

That is only a little glimpse of my week at camp, but it's something I will never forget!