Random Post


    Just a random post for you today, and ooh, its about Narnia. Yup. Again. So I found this book cover for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and it had a really amazing picture of Jadis, or The White Witch as the cover.

Somehow, this is exactly how I imagined her to be. (I'm reading the Magicians Nephew right now, and I'm really into it, so don't blame me for all my little references to the book, in the following statement.) She looks proud, and cruel, and magnificent, (Just the type who would wish to conquer all of England and the world,) and is obviously of noble blood. Yet somehow she has a pale terrifying beauty. And if you look right into her eyes, her gaze makes you feel like crumbling, it makes you feel like she just grabbed your hair (..."at the top of your head where it hurts most") screaming "Minion" and is going to blast you to a little heap of dust. This ladies and gentlemen, is the Empress Jadis, Queen of Charn and Colony Hatch. (Sorry I couldn't resist that one.) Golly, I feel for Digory and Polly.