P&P95 Favorite Costumes: Lizzy

    So I decided to post all my favorite Lizzy dresses, spencers, hats, and the like. I know this is pretty much her entire wardrobe, but what can I say, she has gorgeous dresses!! So here are my favorite dresses:


      These dresses look really similar, but they are different. And oh my soul, so pretty!!

                            I really like the black trimming and buttons.

      I love this polka dot one, it's so simple! The little lace fichu can be removed, which is nice!

    Of course the classic Meryton dance dress, sooooooo pretty!!!

        I love the green undertones on this one. And the flower print!!

This muslin stripe is just gorgeous!
I think she is wearing it in the picture below. 
(Gorgeous outfit isn't it??)

     I really love this dress, it is so pretty! They caught Lizzy with such a funny face! (Giggles)

I love all of Lizzy's spencers, and the bonnets she puts with them... 

                    Normally I don't really like brocade, but this... Oh my..

This blue one is just lovely. And the sleeves!! Need I say more?

This is such a soft color of green!

The famous Pemberely spencer. I love the buttons on the bodice.

This green velvet is lovely!

This pelisse is so pretty to!!! 

Oh my, I wish hats like these were back in fashion!!

                                    I love, love, love the ruffles!!!

         The blue ribbon rosette is lovely, and the color of the ribbon.... Sigh..

There is something elegant about this hat, it's so elegant, and the color is gorgeous to!!! 

So those are some of my favorite Lizzy clothes, I am going to my favorites for Jane soon to!!! 
Pictures curtsey of Jane Austen (and friends) Movie Gowns .