Winter Theme Cupcakes!

I love to bake. And so does a dear friend of mine, Serena. We hve been baking cupcakes toghether for a while now and have collected a good deal of cupcakerey tools. (If that's a word...) She had just gotten an official piping kit for christmas, so we decided to try out her new toy... And go all out with fancy decorations for winter themed cupcakes. ( We also watched about four episodes of Cupcake Wars while we baked, so I wonder if that had an effect on us; you decide!) These are pictures we took of our cupcakes. I will quick explain the decorations. (Takes a deep breath) We made a classic vanilla cake, (aka a cake mix.. ;) topped with a creamy buttercream icing, decorated with silver sprinkle balls, white chocolate piped snowflakes, and crushed sugar crystals to make snow. Here is the finished product; our beautiful winter cupcakes,  and I must say, our pride and joy! (Oh, and yes, we FINALLY have snow!)