You Don't Have To Be Young To Dress Up!!

Well, I haven't posted in a long time, we were traveling all christmas break, so here is a post with lots of photos for you. Some dear friends of mine came to visit before school starts again, (inwardly sighs) and after playing games, and going outside; with twenty minutes left before we had to say goodbye; (sighs again) we decided to raid my costume bins for dresses and jewelry. What is it about dressing up that never gets old?? Once we found suitable dresses we did our hair, and on a whim decided to do a photo shoot, as well as you can in a house, in twenty minutes. This is what we came up with. (I am in the light blue.)


We had such a lovely time, and we are already planning to do it again, with different dresses. 
(I may even give you a peak at my Narnia dress I am attempting to put together... Shhhh!)
Oh, that these styles of dresses where back in fashion....