A New Look...

    Soooooooo, I gave my blog a new look!! I finally figured out how to display a header, and made one, and switched the font.  Tell me what you think please. I designed the header, but I gathered my ideas from Arwen Undomiel at Meanwhile In Rivendell. Her blog is lovely, please please please check it out! Link is HERE. I found all pictures and embellishments online, from various websites. I do not own any of them.
 Oh, and I also figured out how to post gifs.. So beware. If you don't like gifs, that is.

(Seriously, one of the most epic scenes ever!!! Miraz should totally be scared 'cause the Pevensies are in town... Don't underestimate them!)



  1. YOUR HEADER IS GORGEOUS! It's so simple and elegant and I love it! And aww, you linked back to me! Thanks so much!:)

    I remember when I figured out how to use gifs...I may or may not have inundated my next post wih them *coughcough*

  2. Ooooh pretty! and that GIF! I LOVE Narnia! Trust me my about page is full of GIFS


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