Serenity In A Horses' Form

    I snapped these photos back in December, of some of the horses in the pasture that is directly behind my grandparents.  I was so happy, when after a lot of coaxing, and sweet-talking, and clucking, two of them finally wandered over, and let me stroke them. They also put up with the camera,  (because cameras can be most stressful, you know) although I did spook the one when the flash popped out by accident. And the most amazing part is that they are both in foal, and due sometime in the spring. (All the mares in the pen were.)
    I love the peaceful look of the photos. They show the true beauty; the rugged and serene beauty of the horse. These mares aren't groomed to perfection, they aren't clipped, and their hooves aren't oiled, but they are still beautiful, with mud on their faces and halters. It just shows you the real, gentle, warm, peaceful beauty of the horse.


"Only God could create something with so much power, and yet remain so gentle."


  1. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful! Sometimes it just takes your breath away, to see what God can create, right?
    I love that quote you used!
    My favorite are the last two:)

  2. By the way, I've tagged you over on my blog!:D

  3. For sure!! My favourite are the last two as well.

    Oh, thanks so much! Can't wait to fill out the questions!


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