An amazing thing indeed!

   Hello dearies! I wanted to announce that I now have a Pinterest board. (Yay!!) Here is the link, if you want to follow!

    Don't you just love spring??!! I do... So. much. Everything is finally budding!!  So I'm daring you all to make a crown out of branches, or flowers, or something, and wear it. For at least an hour. (Then post pictures of it on your blog so I can see it, of course. ;) And if you don't have a blog, then do it anyway!!) I made one yesterday, and it was so much fun, so I'm daring you to do it to. ( I will post pictures of my willow crown soon.) Do it! (You have been dared.)


  1. I love spring too!:D

    I've tagged you here: I'd love to read your answers if you want to do it!:)


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