In which I announce my team...

    Ok, that was probably a really confusing title... So I'll explain. A bit ago Olivia (from Meanwhile, In Rivendell) and I were talking Once Upon a Time. She asked if I was team Killian, or team Neal. I said I didn't know. Well now I know!! I am officially:

And I shall now proudly display this button on my side bar. 

(Heads up, this post is full of little spoilers, in a random and mixed up order.. You have been warned!!)

I know, Killian was detestable during season two, but he improved so much! He actually became honorable! (gasp!) And he fought for Emma.  Geez, he sold his ship, The Jolly Roger, to get a magic bean so he could save her. And he jumped into a time portal to follow her. And he held her when her mother died, and did everything he could to save her when she was freezing.. And told her that Neal was alive instead of keeping it from her. And told her the truth about Rumple blackmailing him. 
And he's just so sweet, and funny and swoon-worthy, not to mention he's head over heals in love with
Emma. And, and, and... 
Ya, their so cute together. And I ship Captain Swann so hard it's not funny. 
This picture isn't mine btw.

   So which team are you? If you are Team Killian too, feel free to take the blog button below. I also made Team Neal, and Team Graham buttons if by any chance you aren't Team Killian. (I know Graham is a thing of the past but.. I put him in anyway.)

    So choose your team, and display it proudly! Just a note: I made all the pictures except the one with Marian in it. (All the pictures used were found on various websites, and the ideas were gathered from other pictures off the internet.) You are welcome to use the pictures I made, but please maybe put a link back to my blog? 

Thanks Dearies, and go Team Killian!


  1. Eeeep! Welcome to the team;)

    *sigh* Isn't Captain Swan a totally epic ship? I love them:D But I have a problem. I'm…Team Both XD I know, I know, that doesn't count, but…there are things I love about both. (Team Kilian probably edges out Team Neal, though!)

  2. Thank you dearie!

    Yes! That is a ship that gets me swooning EVERY TIME!!! I love them to.

    Uh oh!! Ya, I understand, Team Neal is so sweet to!! I took me a while to "officially" choose, but when Killian followed Emma into the time portal, and he said, "Someday I'm going to have to stop chasing this woman!" I was officially hooked. ;)


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