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    Hello dearies... Sooooooo, Olivia has tagged me for this awesome tag... Yay!!! I have to list my top ten favorite characters from movies, and stuff on the "screen" which will be really fun, (and horribly hard grrrhhh!!)  Some of these are my ultimate favorite characters ever, and some are the characters I like most from a favorite movie. Just so ya all know. Maybe I will surprise some of you! *Just a side note.. All the pictures were found online, from various websites and blogs. I do no own any of them.*

1. Emma Swann from Once Upon a Time

Big suprise, right?? Emma is just all round awesome.. She is tough, strong, smart, brave, and has been able to move on from several heartbreaking circumstances.

She has been my favorite ever since we started Once Upon a Time, and she will always be my favorite. 
Enough said. Oh.. And don't even get me started on Team Killian!! :D

2. Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings          

Because he's awesome. Seriously have you seen him fight? And that awesome staff. And his GORGEOUS horse!!! And the fact that he can fight Nazguls, and Balrogs, and beat the heck out of Saurman. I just love the part when Denethor is going crazy, and telling everyone to abandon their posts, and then Gandalf comes up and knocks him out, (with his epic white staff I might add) and starts leading everyone... 

3.  Josephine March from Little Women

  Jo is so sweet and passionate. She is my favorite march sister. She seems so sincere, and heartfelt. I love how she tries so hard to control her temper.

She's also loves books, and arabian horses. Yup. She's awesome! 

This is random... But I love this dress!!!

4. Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of The Caribbean

  Elizabeth is super awesome. She is smart, brave, and an epic fighter. She is loyal to Will, (although she lied to him. Geez girl...) and they are just to cute together. (Elizabeth and Will, I mean.)

Oh, did I mention she is the pirate king?? Pretty sweet. 

5. Secretariat from Secretariat
Does Secretariat count as a character? I mean he isn't a person; he is a horse,  but he is kinda the main character, and anyway, he's my favorite. Seriously, he is so cute! He is sweet and well, here are a few videos clips of him. 

Honestly, this clip gives me shivers every time. 

6. R2 D2 from Star Wars

I know, another character, who isn't a human! But R2 is awesome... I mean he is so cute, and he always seems to save the day. Seriously, I would like to have an R2 around... I mean, look at all his gadgets!!

7. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice 1995

Because you have to have at least one period drama/Austen heroine on your list. 
And Lizzy is so likeable, and sweet, yet she will stand up for what she thinks is right. She has a good head on her shoulders to. That's a plus, right?!

8. Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

So before I say anything else about her, look at that smile. I mean she is just to adorable!!! Lucy is loving, supportive, brave, and has the simple wisdom some of the other characters lack. She trusts in Aslan more then any of the other four, and she sees him most. She is a true role model. (Did I mention how cute she is?)

9. Albert and Victoria from The Young Victoria

Aren't they adorable?? I love this couple. And I love this movie. And if you haven't watched this movie... Go. Watch. It. Now. If you want to know more about it... I'm doing a review for it soon!
In the mean time... They are such a wonderful couple, Albert loves Victoria so much, ( he took a bullet for her, and if that isn't true love what is?) and Victoria respects him, and loves him back. I love how Victoria choose to follow her heart when she married, and that she didn't marry for wealth or position; but for love. (Although since she is the queen, so she can't marry much higher then that... )Anyway,  I don't really know what else to say, except watch this movie!!!

10. Catwoman from Batman, The Dark Knight Rises

Were you expecting that?? Probably not. Well, she is pretty awesome, despite the fact that she is a thief. (hey, she turns good then, ok?) I mean being able to do a flip from a window onto grass, in like, six inch stilettos, without seriously damaging her ankles, is pretty impressive. 

And besides... She and Batman are so cute together..

Well that concludes the tag dearies!! Thanks so much Olivia for the tag; it was a blast!
Since I don't "know" many people on the blogger world, I am only going to tag one. 

Alicia at Sweet N Salty

Have fun Alicia!!!


  1. Yay, you did it!

    Emma, yes!

    Oh my goodness, that final race scene is so feelsy and just ohhhh, isn't it?

    Okay, that picture of Albert and Victoria (when Victoria's in the green dress) is adorable. I'm just sayin'.

    So glad you did it!:D

    1. Oh yes, I wouldn't miss it!!

      Ya. I don't really have to explain about Emma.

      That final race scene is enough to make me cry and scream and laugh all at once!!

      I know right?? I love how cute they are together. And the green dress.. Love.

      Thanks again for the tag!!

  2. Thank you for the tag! (I think you know what swashbuckling characters I am starting with!)

    1. Yup. Jack, Will, and Elizabeth. Right?


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