"Sometimes you just need to stop and kiss your horse."

  On Wednesday, my dear friend Emory hung out for the day, and since we are both horse crazy, (much!!) we spent pretty much all afternoon at the barn, spoiling one of the old horses, and taking pictures of him. So I thought I would show the pictures we took. But first, let me introduce you to Higgins.

Higgins is a twenty-something Off-the-track-Thoroughbred. (Off the track means he used to be a racer. And twenty is old for a horse.) He is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. Sometimes he'll act grumpy, but give him a little love, and he becomes the sweetest thing ever. He was one of the first lesson horses I rode, but then I moved to a different barn, and didn't see him for years. Then last winter he came to my barn, and he has stayed ever since. Now even though I don't own him, I have unlimited access to him, and can spoil my old man whenever I want. So that's Higgins. I honestly wish you could reach through your computer screen and meet him.  He would let you kiss his nose, and then probably nuzzle you for treats. Or go back to eating grass. 

But seriously though, isn't he looking good for his age?? And he is also quite spunky as well. 

That's my friend Emory by the way!!

Ok. Now for all the pictures. I apologize for the overload, but we took a tone.
Here they are!!

Hee hee, his nose!!

"Asking me why I like horses so much is like me asking you why do you breath so much."

"Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return."

"I smile when I catch God watching me through the eyes of a horse."
-Kevin Weatherby

Thanks for putting up with all the pictures!! I found all the quotes, including the one I used for the post title on Pinterest. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure who wrote the quote used for the post title, so the author shall remain unknown. 
See you later dearies!


  1. Oh my goodness! He's so adorable!

    I'm pretty sure the horse I ride has a bit of thoroughbred in him. He loves to run, even though he's about 25ish. But he has a temper. He's nipped me a couple of times, and grazed me with his teeth once. He likes to see how much he can get away with before he get's disciplined. But I love him anyways, he's super fun!



  2. I love your new header to!

    1. Why thank you!! I kinda got tired of the old one, and saw some ideas that I liked from other blogs. (I have a tendency to steal header ideas..)

  3. Isn't he though??

    Ya, Higgins would love to run, and would if he could. Unfortunately he is pretty frail and old, so if he did run, it probably wouldn't end up very well.

    He sounds pretty tricky! These old men horses eh? They can either be the sweetest little things or as grumpy as ever!


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