A multitude of pictures... and hello again!!

   Hello! I've missed this.. and have soooo much to blog about!! Aggh! Ok, first here are all the pictures of the cottage. This is not our family's cottage, but some friends', and they kindly invited us to spend the weekend there. So yes.... Here ya go.

The drive up consisted of The Return of the King, and At World's End with Isaiah.

These are the pictures of the cabin that I took.

The view from our loft
The loft across from us
Our loft

The kitchen

 Saturday it rained all day, and was wet and miserable. So that meant we all battened down the hatches, and had a cozy day inside. Sofia (that's my friend) and I went swimming twice in the rain, and froze, but it was nice.

Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit and hot chocolate? Pure bliss. Uh huh.

Nail polish, peach tea, calligraphy pens, warm fires, climbing on rafters, and baking brownies all filled the day as well. (oh what you are forced to do when you don't have WiFi, or a TV. I rather like it.) 

And now for all the pictures of the wonderful outdoors that we were surrounded by. 

We hiked up to a lookout that overlooked the lake.... 

Reminds me of LOTR....

This is the lookout! Impressive no?

Some cool Lichen

Woodpecker holes

Well, I believe that's all dearies! 


  1. Sherlock Holmes is so terribly awesome! And so is The Hobbit, too. And Return of the King. And swimming. :)

  2. That looks like such a cosy spot! The outdoor views are really amazing.

    YOU WATCHED ROTK AND AWE ON THE WAY UP! I don't know why that makes me so happy...


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