Guys guys GUYS!!!!!

   So remember that show called Once Upon a Time that I may or may not be obsessed with??? Ya that. (I know, you are all like oh no, here she goes..) Well, a while ago, mom and I finished season 4… And it was so good and I am so mad about how it ended and.. They announced that they are doing season 5. Coming out this fall. *large amount of fangirling by me*

  Well, the first few promos are out since Comic con 2015, and I thought that I would show you some of the promos. *WARNING! A LARGE AMOUNT OF SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW IN THESE VIDEOS!!* If you haven't finished season 4.. Don't watch this. OK. You've been warned.

So please please please tell me what you think of the promos! 
(To be honest I'm dying to fangirl with someone. :D ) 

Gotta run dearies!! 



  1. Well, as you know I haven't watched OUAT, so know I am at the height of confusement about Emma.... what? And as soon as I saw the the dress and bow in the second trailer I though "Ahaha! 'bet it's Miranda from Brave" I may just have to find the time to start watching OUAT now...

  2. Ya I know... Sorry for the confusion.. So Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and was a hero, until *spoiler* she becomes the dark one, aka the most evil person on earth. *End of spoiler* That's why she was in jail, and a little bit out of it.

    Oh do do do do do start watching Once!! If you in the least like disney, or fairytales, you will love once. Make sure to start at season one though!!

    And yes, that is Merida.... I am siked for her to come in.

    Sorry for the rambling... Once makes me happy!!! :)


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