I'm alright!! I've come back!!

  Hello dearies! I took an unintended break from blogging... So yes, I am still alive. And as is probably obvious... I changed my header again!! (I thought the last one had too much pink and yellow to suit my liking. ) You are all probably like... "Will you ever stop changing your look??)

So, anywho.. Just letting you all know that I'm still alive!! ;)

So this is like my new favorite picture.... Do you see it???? ^^

   And I wanted to share this link to an awesome website called The Rebelution. The Rebelution is 
"a teenage rebellion against low expectations". You should totally check out their site.. Our teenage years are not a time to sit around and do nothing. We can accomplish big things, for the glory of God while we are at this age. 
Here is the link:

That's all for now dearies!!


  1. Glad to see you're back!:D

    Bahahaha that OUAT gif, though…

    Well, I like your new look, and I'm totally fine with new headers galore!

  2. Thanks!! I'm glad I'm back to!! :)

    Yup. Gotta love Grumpy. ;)

    Thank you m'dear! Yes, I like changing them to... If you haven't noticed!!


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