LOWCW: The time I met a Real. Live. Cowboy. (named Mike)

   So in honor of  Legends of Western Cinema Week, which is being hosted at Meanwhile in Rivendell, and A Lantern in Her Hand, I decided to participate and do a (somewhat) western post. I didn't really know if I would have time for a long review or something and was wondering what in tarnation I would do, when I remembered that I met a real live cowboy. Uh huh. In Texas actually. (That just makes it even better, doesn't it?)  But I should explain.

  Back in 2011, our family went on a large cross continent trip. That meant starting from our home in Canada, driving to Nashville, then over to California, and then up to Vancouver, and then down through Canada back home. It was long; it was amazing. My dad blogged it all on a blog called northsoutheastwesting, and took tons of gorgeous pictures to top it off. (that's where I pulled these pictures from.) The link to the blog is at the end of the post. Anywho.... Here is the story of how we met our cowboy.

  We were in Amarillo Texas, and we had just finished fixing our muffler with duct tape and wire, which had almost been blown off curtsey of the wild Texan winds. We stopped at a outdoors store after, and when I came out, would you believe it? There were two horses tied up in the parking lot.

I know, I know, I'm so tiny!! :D 

  So we took pictures with them, and then their owner came walking out, and we found out that his name was Mike. He was a legit cowboy... Chaps, hat, shotgun on his saddle, burlap sacks, and a dog.. Everything!! So we took pictures of him and us together.

  Dad asked him where he was riding to.... And he casually answered, "California." And we were like... Wuh? California? We are in Texas, and he is going to ride on horseback, to California... Setting up and tearing down camp every morning and night, with his dog at his back... It boggled our minds. He said he has also done rides to New Mexico, and up to Canada. By that time we had to go, and so did he. And so we bid him farewell, and started off. We ended up meeting him again on the highway.. He was sure he would beat us to California. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. But I will never forget the day when we meet our cowboy, Mike.



  1. Yeah, it's very windy in Texas, but after a while, you get used to it. :D

  2. THAT. Is an awesome story. Thank you for sharing! (And for mentioning LoWCW, hehe.)

    The pictures are also really cool!:D

  3. I'm so glad you posted the link to that blog Abby, I remember keeping up with it when you went on your trip, and every so often wondering what happened to it:)


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