21 things you probably didn't know about me

  So I've seen this post floating around all over the place, and thought it would be fun to do. These aren't necessarily "facts" more just little tidbits about me. So here goes! If you are family, or close friends...  You probably know most of these things.

1. I live in Canada

2. I have three brothers, no sisters. :O

3. I have Type One Diabetes

4. I am in Grade 8 Royal Conservatory Piano (I don't know if they have piano grades in the states, but there are only ten grades of piano before University level.. and I'm in grade eight... So I'm getting up there.)

5. I would love to be an actress

6. My grandparents live next door to me, and my aunt in their basement. Grandma and Grandpa built an addition on to our house when we moved

7. I live on a small hobby farm

8. I'm homeschooled (whoop whoop!!)

9. I have an enormous addiction to candy. Pretty much any type, except for black licorice. ewwww

10. I wish I had a british accent (don't we all)

11. I dream of traveling to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

12. I HATE math (my apologies to any math lovers out there)

13. I have never seen Les Miserables, but can sing some of the songs off by heart

14. I'm pretty sure I have only seen one Audrey Hepburn movie

15. I have never completed reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy... I stopped about half way through ROTK. Some day I will finish it, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!

16. I enjoy a wide variety of movies. From Austen to Dystopian, I love them all!

17. I enjoy yelling out the names of actors I recognize during a movie, which annoys all my family very much, since they don't care twopence about actors. (most of the time)

18. I beat 9 kids in a every-man-for-himself-Nerf War. 8 of them were boys. I am pretty proud of that. (see? all those spy/hunger games movies pay off!!)

19. I am both fancy and casual. (if that is possible) sometimes I want earrings and a dress, sometimes jeans, a sweater and scarf, and big woolen socks. It really depends on how I am feeling.

20. I believe that Narnia actually exists. Go ahead and laugh. I won't care!!! :)
I didn't make this btw… It's from Pinterest!

21. My favorite color is blue

There are my twenty-one tidbits!! Hope you didn't find them to boring!!


  1. Seems I know you pretty well Abby, 'cept I didn't know about you never finishing the LotR (never read it myself) and I have no idea who Audrey Hepburn is:)

    1. Ya, I figured that you would know most of them!! :)

  2. You believe Narnia exists? Interesting... Would it be ok if I asked why you believe in Narnia?
    You sound cool, I'm glad Meredith recommended you :D

    1. Yes! Hmmm. I don't really know how to explain it, but in a way, I kinda think that Narnia is like heaven, (and I believe heaven exists). I guess deep down, in my heart of hearts, I feel like Narnia exists, that there is a perfect place like that where we get to be heroes, a place that a person with the innocence of a child can get to.

      I hope that wasn't to rambled, and that it made sense!!

      Thanks for stopping at Castles in the Air!


    2. Interesting, very interesting! That actually makes sense to me, as a fellow believer in Christ, by the way.
      And, worry not! If it was a ramble, I did not mind; learning/hearing about people's beliefs have always been fascinating to me :D

      No prob! It's amazing!

    3. I'm not sure I would say Narnia exists(except in the imaginations of countless fellow-fans), but I'd probably argue that Aslan's country does exist, which may be considered a section of Narnia, anyways, so. . .yeah.

  3. It's so cool that you live in Canada! I may have to steal this idea someday.

    1. Yup!! I am a proud Canadian! I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful country!

      Go right ahead, I stole it from Alicia, and Naomi Bennett, so you aren't the first one to!

  4. Fun post! I'll probably steal it;)

    *ahem* Girlfriend. You should finish LotR. I'm just sayin'. =D

    That is one awesome collage about Narnia…and hey, I basically believe that Narnia and Middle-earth did at one point/still do exist, so…we's in da same boat:)

    1. Go ahead! It is a great way to help people get to know you!!

      I know, I know, but I just… I have no excuse. I really do need to finish them.

      Yah Olivia!!!!!! I'm so glad you feel the same way! So many people are Narnia fans, but when it comes to does Narnia really exist, they all laugh and say they are just books, fiction. I'm glad you think otherwise!!!!!! (I'm so happy now! ;) wow. I'm nerdy!)

  5. Hello Abigail!

    I have been enjoying looking through your blog. :)

    I play piano too, but I have no idea what grade I'm in. :)

    I want to be an actress too. I did acting when I was younger and now I want to get back into it.

    Nerf wars are awesome! :)

    Neat post! :D


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