Awkward and Awesome Wednesdays

 So here it is!! The second edition of Awkward and Awesome Wednesdays!! (applause)


-The fact that I have consistently been making typos during the last two blog posts. And.. I just realize I misspelled Awkward, and realize. *goes back and fixes it*

- Straightening your crew's blanket at Bible School, and the boy who is a leader in the group beside you is doing the exact same thing. Well, you both back up at the same time, and rear end each other, (literally) and spin around in surprise. Needless to say there was a lot of laughing, and blushing, and "Oh, sorry!" going on. True story. It happened yesterday.

- Foolishly carrying a large cup of hot tea around in a Nerf War, and as you turn the corner, running straight in to one of the boys, and screaming, since you scared him, and yourself. The boy just might happen to be your crush as well, which makes it all the more awkward. Then for the rest of the war, (after you put your tea down) every time you look at each other, you burst out laughing.

- When you are listnening to music, and have it turned way up, because the song was a quiet one, and then it gets to a loud part, and you jump out of your skin.

- The fact that you jump pretty much every time you hear someone cock a nerf gun behind you. Because I have been used way to often as a human target. Love you to brothers.

- This super ugly face mask that I decided to try, and the cream was green, so my face was green. I looked so creepy, especially when I put brown face mask around my eyes, and red lipstick on.

- Being caught talking to your self dramatically, more often then not in a british accent. #mylife

- Walking up the steps leading out of our pool in an ankle length dress on, and tripping on the skirt two times in a row.

- Watching a movie and freaking out when you recognize an actor. For instance, this is a scene which more or less took place while I was watching Thor with my brothers.

Me: *hitting the couch frantically and freaking out* Oh my gosh!! oh my gosh!

My Brothers: What?

Me: That guy plays Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time!! *still freaking out*

My Brothers: Who cares!!

Me: But it's so amazing!! *my inward fangirl is really going now*

And I proceeded to fangirl by myself.

See?? I told you so. 


- Helping out at a VBS this week

- Making Isaiah's Star Wars Birthday cake today. (today is his birthday!! Happy Birthday Isaiah!)

- The fact that I am going to see the Sound of Music live with a friend this Sunday!

- My aunt and cousins coming this weekend from Virginia.

- Our swimming pool!

- Having a summer job, and making some extra money

- Listening to a soundtrack that you listened to while you read a really good book, and then remembering that story, and feeling all those book-lover emotions all over again.

- This song.

That's all dearies!! I hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Hahaha, that Jennifer Morrison gif, though;D

    I literally laughed aloud when I "got" that story about you and the guy in your youth group. Sorry 'bout that;D

    Being caught talking to yourself IS sooo awkward...happens to me, a lot, too.

  2. I know!! I luv Jennifer Morrison!!

    Ya. That was awkward. Glad it amused you. ;)

    Yes!! That is like the story of my life!!


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