Awkward and Awesome Wednesday's


- Being freezing cold in August. Gotta love Canada!! :)

- When you are a guest at somebody's house, and fall two times in a row down their steps... Once in front of EVERYBODY!! Because the steps are really slippery, and your socks are to.

- Buying three bags of candy so that you can share with your cousin when he comes for a sleepover, but by the time he arrives, only one bag is left.... 'Cause you sort of binged. I kinda like candy. A lot.
Don't worry, I shared some to!!

- When you are trying to push a friend on a zip line at this awesome park, but the mulch is slippery, and you slip and fall. And then you slip a second time, but don't fall, and then by that point you are just like:

- The fact that I laughed way to hard at a guy falling on a bunch of mouse traps. I dare you not to laugh!!

Ha ha!! You laughed!! :)

- When you wake up really early in the morning, and you really really really want to go back to sleep, and cannot for the life of you.


-These Once Upon a Time bobble heads, that I really want to get, and are coming out this September!!

Yes. I am a nerd. 

- My cousin staying for a sleepover, and hopefully watching Age of Ultron. (yes, I like Marvel movies to!)

- Sitting in a really warm hot tub when it is really chilly out.

- Your mom being sure that she won't like Thor, and then she likes it... A lot.

- How perfectly timed these photos were!


And now one picture of somebody not hurting them-self.

- Pinterest. Because it is awesome.


  1. Seems like you weren't too steady on your feet this past week:)

    And you're right, I laughed!

  2. I refrained, through great force of will, from laughing;D

    1. :) It would have taken ALOT of will for me to not laugh at that.... Actually, I would probably end up exploding, and making a fool out of myself. :)


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