Awkward and Awesome Wednsday's

   So....... I decided to start doing the "Awkward and Awesome" series that I have seen flying around the web. Basically you list some things that were awkward/annoying about your week, and some things that were awesome.  Alicia is also doing this series with me, so check out Sweet 'N' Salty to see more! Lets dive in.


- This post coming out two days late.. *shrinks*

- The fact that I had a whole list of awkwards' in my head, and can't really remember them any more.

- When I ramble on and on to my friends about something they have no interest in. "Oh...... Sorry."

- Being caught playing air violin with headphones on. Because we all do it at some point.

- Standing in your brother's newly built air-soft hide out, that looks invitingly like a epic castle tower on top of a hill... And yelling Lord of the Rings battle rallies while shaking you invisible sword: "Riders of Rohan! Oaths you have taken! Now full fill them all! Ride now! Ride now!......" Only to turn around and notice an old couple for a walk on the road directly behind you.... And you were in plain sight. I don't know if they saw me, but I. Died.

- Going down a water slide yelling "For Narnia!," only to have a huge voice crack while you do it, and ending up sounding like a donkey. Go ahead. Laugh, because I just did.

- Trying to act like Legolas by shooting a bow and arrow while standing on a fence post, and almost impaling myself, because I am not an elf, and fell off.

Yup. Not that simple buddy.

- The talent I have to make my violin sound like a dying pig.


- My new Goody Spin Pins. They are like corkscrew shaped bobby pins, and they are awesome... I only need two to hold my hair in a bun. No hair elastics, nothing! Epicness itself.

- The Romeo and Juliet 2013 soundtrack that I am listening to right now. It is sheer gorgeousness, and I have experienced every emotion by listening to it. Thank you Olivia for the recommendation!!

I just. died.

- Music, and playing the piano, and violin, and the gift that music is!

- Watching the U.S. Presidential debate with your dad; and eating a late night snack, (even though it is way past your bed time) while discussing the candidates' faith.

- My brother's homemade Batman throwing stars, which I successfully stuck into the poor picnic table more then once.

- Sherlock Holmes right now. I love that book!! And Watson got married!! Awwww....

- The Once Upon a Time cast, and Season 4 bloopers. #missthisshow

- Watching Catching Fire and fangirling with your friend at two in the morning, and being the only ones awake in the house.

- Googling "Funny Jack Sparrow Faces" and laughing at the results.

So? What did you think of the first awkward and awesome post? Please tell me!


  1. Yay! You used the logo! I love the Jack Sparrow faces (duh!) And Watson got married? (To that lady in the story you told me about?) I loved your post Abby!

    1. Yes he did!!!

      She is now Mrs. Mary Watson!!

  2. Have you seen Mr. Holmes? It also has an incredible soundtrack.

    1. No… Is that a movie? 'cause if it is… I want to see it. Like now.

      I will have to check that soundtrack out!

  3. This was fun!

    Bahahaha, that LotR "riders of Rohan" story...XD

    IS IT NOT GORGEOUS. I'm so glad you liked the R&J soundtrack! And you're so welcome; I'm so glad you tried it out!:D


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