Bubblegum dresses and a breeze

    Don't you just love thrift shops?? I do. All of my most lovely dress up dresses have been from the thrift store; and just recently I added another one to my collection. But guys, guys, guys. You can not imagine how gorgeous this dress is. It's skirt is so full, and it ripples in the wind, and it is rose pink, and it has a layer of sheer on top of the skirt, and a pink ribbon sash, and ruffles around the neckline, and it fits me perfect, and it was only $12, and it is so. pretty. So after I fangirled about it for a day, and then fangirled about it to Alicia at church, we got togther on a sunny and blustery Sunday afternoon to do yet another photo shoot. My awesome photographer daddy took picture of us all together because, well you will see.  And now it begins. (the deluge of pictures that is.)

That is me doing an exaggerated step over a dead bird. Yup. 

Isn't it amazing??

Me goofing off; don't worry, I didn't drop my violin!!

Whew. That was a lot of pictures... What did you think?? Tell me please dearies!


  1. SO. GORGEOUS. I want the dress. I just want it:D

    The photoshoot went so well! You and your friends are very photogenic, hehe:D

    1. :D!

      Thanks! It was really fun to do!

    2. Isn't it fun to pretend....love those dresses! love, Grandma


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