In which I finally do another blog post

  I have been busy lately... (It's summer what do you expect, right??) Whether it's working, projects, get together with friends, there is a lot that has happened.

I went to the barn again, and saw Higgins..  (#lovethathorse)  And this time Alicia and Jelena went with me! (Alicia writes over at Sweet 'n' Salty) We had a blast.

I know, that is a horrible selfie... But you try fitting three girls and a horse into one. It's not the easiest thing in the world. (sorry you got squished back there Alicia!! :)

  I also have re-done my little tree house... And turned it into a reading/writing studio type thing. I re-painted it, and added a chalkboard wall.



All the G's and D's on the board are for violin btw...

What do you think dearies?? I'm quite proud of it.. And it really is quite dreamy up there.  Wish you could climb through the screen and read with me for a while...


  1. Coziest tree house I ever saw! Those Gs,Ds,1s,2s and 3s must look like a secret code to almost everyone else!

  2. Your tree house looks perfect. I want one! Where did you get the typewriter?

    1. Well thank you!!

      The typewriter was given to us by my grandpa... It's cute isn't it?!


    I want to climb through the screen and read with you for a while, too! It looks like such a wonderful place:D

    1. Thank you!!!

      It really is quite cozy.. :)


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