The Music Tag

 Alicia tagged me for the music tag... Thank you very much m'dear!

Rules: Answer the questions!

There is a link to Alicia's blog Sweet 'n' Salty on my links page.

1.  Who is your favorite band or artist

Well.... In regards to a christian band, then I would say Gungor. They have some really powerful, contemporary songs that I enjoy.

I have also recently started listening to Passenger, and I will say that he is my favorite as well. Although there is the occasional curse word in his stuff.... He really has some positive songs!

2. Who is your favorite male singer?

Again, I would say Passenger. Some people call his voice weird, but I think it is nice.  I also think Leonard Cohen has a nice rich voice.

3. Who is your favorite female artist?

Oh. Well, I would probably say Taylor Davis, but she doesn't sing. (to my knowledge.) So I will say Adele, just because her voice is so amazing!! So if a non-vocalist counts, then Taylor Davis. If not, Adele.

4.  What is your favorite type of music?

Umm.... I would say that I like soundtrack best. (if that can even be considered a genre) But classical is a close runner up. Anything with lyrics has to be really nice and musical for me to enjoy it. If a song doesn't have heart felt emotion, (like most soundtrack and classical) I just don't enjoy it.

5.  What is your favorite musical? (it can be a movie or broadway)

Due to my limited range of musicals that I have seen, I would say The Sound of Music. Because Julie Andrews. The Phantom of the Opera is on my must see list though.

6. Have you ever seen a musical performed on stage?

No. But.... I guess I will break the news now... I am going to see The Sound of Music live at the Stratford festival (that's a town close to our house that is known for their drama) with a friend for her birthday. And I am so. excited.  It will be great! We will also be going alone without parents, which will be an adventure.

7. What is your favorite song duet?

Woah. Who knew this was so hard?? I would say (right now) Once Upon Another Time from The Phantom of the Opera or Love Never Dies??. (which one is it?)  Runners up are Time to say Goodbye, and  Edelweiss.

8. What do you think is the best movie score?

What???? Did you just ask me that? Like that is a question I can answer!! Some of my favorites are Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, Romeo and Juliet, Once Upon a Time, The Young Victoria,.. You get the picture.

9. Do you play any instruments? If so for how long?

Yes! I play piano and violin. I would also like to pick up a bit of guitar, and have played around on Alicia's Melodica.

I have played the piano since I was seven or eight, and have taken violin for a grand total of about four lessons. :)

10. Have you ever been to a concert(s)?

Yes! I have been to a Steve Bell concert a few years ago, a performance of Handel's Messiah, A Bob Dylan concert, and I was apart of a christmas concert last year. I sang in the choir.

Thanks so much for the tag Alicia!! It was really fun. And so I tag anyone who has not done this tag yet!!


  1. Eeeeeek, happy answers! (And yeah, OUAnT is from Love Never Dies :))

    Seriously, this was a lot of fun to read!:D

    1. Thank you!! It was fun to answer!!

      Oh my word, Once Upon Another Time is so darnded gorgeous!!! Uggghh!!! I seriously wish I could sing Christine's part nicely. I like to imagine I am singing it well, but I'm sure it sounds terrible when I do it. I am more of an Alto.

  2. Oh my gosh another musical who likes much the same genres as me! *waves* Is it ok if i borrow this for a post?
    The tag that is?

    1. *waves back* Yay! That's so cool! I have a rather strange taste when it comes to music, I enjoy a spattering of things. :) A fellow music lover with the same preferences is lovely! :)

      Please do!! I would love to read your answers, and it is a tag, so have at it! :)

      Thanks for the comment!!


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