Awkward and Awesome Wednesday's (or Thursday's??)

    Well, its Thursday, and this was supposed to be done yesterday... But I did a tag instead, so be happy with that. Thank you.


- The fact that I still have major problems spelling Wednesday, and that I just misspelled almost every word in this sentence. I love spell check!! :)

- Having blood work done the day you go to the beach, and then getting your monthly that afternoon, and THEN getting a huge nosebleed that lasted for like fifteen minutes. Which forces you to sit on a park bench pinching your nose with napkins. (Seriously, that day was like the day of blood.)

- The embarrassing fact that I just published the Pickwick issue for August. In. September.

- Cleaning the deck door window, and having to wipe of the bologna grease marks from when your silly 16 year old brother decided to throw bologna pieces at the window to see if they would stick. Hysterical Josh.

- I can't think of any more awkwards!!


- Having a Hunger Games movie night tonight, that you have been waiting for since July.

- The new chalkboard sign I put on my door.

- The feels I get when listening to music.

- Fall being here.

- My new header.

- Friends


  1. Beautiful header!:)

    I'm so sorry about your 'day of blood'! It definitely sounds like that.

    A chalkboard sign sounds awesome!:D


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