Awkward and Awesome Wednesday's

  So. I sit down thinking about what I do a post on.. And then bam!! It's Wednesday! So here is my awkward and awesome for this week... And my apologies if it is shorter than usual, my long term memory is very good at forgetting everything I want to remember. It especially got thrown for a loop now that I want to remember the awkward things.


- Trying to figure out how to get to the live math class I had this morning at 8:02, when the class starts at 8:00, and then your dad points out that you just have to click the big link right in front of your face. Darn.

- Dreaming all night that you were going to be late for said math class, and miss it.... Which thankfully you didn't.

- Being in a Nerf war, hiding under your lattice enclosed deck, behind a big bush ready to shoot anyone who passed by, and then scaring the life out of the poor boy who runs by. Seriously, I have never seen someone yell, and fall over like that. He said all he saw was a pair of eyes and a gun. Actually, I kinda consider this awesome, apart from scaring him that bad.

- When you are sitting at your desk, and the little chalkboard sign you have with an inspirational quote written on it falls into your Tortilla, and scares you.

Me: *stares dumbly at it for a while then picks it up* "Ewww! It has some chalk on it, and on my finger. I wonder if chalk is poisonous. Oh well, to late."

That was more or less what I thought/said. Ya, I'm unique. :)

- When I stepped in pretty fresh dog poop in bare feet. You should have seen how high I jumped when my brain put two and two together. I probably looked like I was doing a track and field exercise or something!!

- Sitting here writing while dopy flies fly around and land on you, and won't get off. Uggh.


- My English/Writing/Everything like that course that I'm doing. I have a great online class, and we get to chat about the course, and books, and assignments, and it's awesome!

- This little clip of one of C.S. Lewis's radio broadcasts. I really wanted to hear what his voice sounded like.. And it wasn't what I was expecting. They way he draws out his er's.. It sounds like "prayahhh" But I can imagine him reading The Chronicles of Narnia, and some how it still sounds right, in a way.

- This quote from Pinterest:

- This picture, also from Pinterest: from Once Upon a Time season 5.... Is this possibly a Captain Swann wedding??!!

Because it just HAST to be, and they are so cute and... This gif explains it all, even to non-Oncers.

And because I wanted a gif in this post. :)

- The fact that it is finally chilly outside, and I wasn't in sport shorts while doing school, thank heaven!

- Changing my quilt today to my fall quilt, and making a big pillow/stuffed horse pile to lean against while reading a interesting book called "How to Read a Book". It was assigned reading, and really good!

Anyhow, that's it for now dearies! How was your week?