Dream cast for: The Silver Chair

    Soooooo. Chloe enlightened me to the fact that they are making a new Narnia movie!!!!!! Ok, now let me go scream and freak out in a corner for a bit. Alright I'm done. (for now) I am so excited, because we Narnians are long overdue for another movie, and because I now get to see it in the theater when it comes out, and because I want to cosplay for it, and and and. Anywho,  I decided to do a dream cast post for this movie, because there are a few actors I think would work very well for these characters.

Will Poulter as Eustace

 Obviously. He portrayed Eustace PERFECTLY in VDT, pulling off the obnoxious brat off wonderfully, but yet at the end, made Eustace a lovable character. He just has to come back. End of story.

Sophie Nelisse as Jill Poll:

  It took me awhile to find an actress who I thought would look like Jill, and I actually just remembered Sophie this afternoon. I saw Sophie in The Book Theif, and she was great. Besides, she looks like Jill, and together with Will, they would look great.

Douglas Booth as Prince Rillian:

Ok. So Prince Rillian may *cough cough* be my biggest fictional crush ever. Go ahead and laugh!! I don't care. :) Naturally I was really picky as to who I wanted to play Rillian, and I couldn't think of anyone who I thought would pull Rillian off well.  Then I remebered the guy who played in Romeo and Juliet, and thought that he might work! I have never seen Douglas Booth in anything, but I know he plays Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, and he just seems like a Rillian. I mean look at him as Romeo.

Yup. That's my Rillian. Totally swoon-worthy. Now I know he doesn't have blond hair, but if he is going to be Caspian's son, he should have dark hair. And since the directors skillfully managed to mess up EVERY male Narnian's hair color, they should continue that tradition. And I mean, he even looks a bit like Caspian.. Speaking of which..

Ben Barnes as Caspian X:

 Obviously, again. He was the perfect Caspian before, and will be again. However, they will have to CGI him or something, because he has to be like eighty or so, and goodness knows Ben doesn't look eighty. None the less, he will be perfect. 

Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin:

Because he was great as Trumpkin before. Although they will have to do a lot to make him look old enough to play Trumpkin in The Silver Chair. 

Tom Hiddleston as Puddleglum:

  I have seen Tom Hiddleston in Thor as Loki, and he was brilliant. I think that he has the ability to pull of the quirkiness of Puddleglum, with out making him downright mad, or anything else that Puddleglum is not. Runners up for Puddlglum were Geoffry Rush, and Jonny Depp.

And last but not least....

Emily Blunt as The Lady of the Green Kirtle:

  In my opinion, the Green Lady should be young, beautiful, and seductive. I mean, Rillian called her the most beautiful thing ever, and she must have been, because he disappeared with her for ten years.. (I know you think it was because Rillian is naive Alicia, but I stand resoloute... ;) Thus my choice of Emily Blunt. Emily is an extremely talented actress, and would be able to pull of the enchanting side of the lady, while still keeping her evil to the core. My runners up for the Green Lady are Cate Blanchett, an Natalie Portman.

  So ends my list! Who would you choose for your dream SC cast? Do let me know please! Now I'm going to get a paper bag, 'cause I'm starting to hyperventilate because of excitement. :)

For Narnia, and for Aslan!!


  1. Not a wimp Abby, I believe I used the word "Naive"...

    1. Oh right... That's what it was!!! I'll change that! :)

  2. AAAGGGHH! I actually read they were planning to do tSC in May and I think I fangirled for a week(or somewhere around there!).

    I like the idea of Tom Hiddleston as Puddleglum! He'd actually make a great Puddleglum, come to think of it. For the The Lady of the Green Kirtle, Cate Blanchett would be good. So would Tilda Swinton, but that'd be terribly confusing, wouldn't it? ;)

    1. I know!! I still haven't settled down about it either. Actually, I probably never will. :)

      I think so to! Yes, Cate Blanchett would be good... But I feel like she would be just a little teeny weeny bit to old. Although if they did cast her, I would die happy! Tilda Swinton would be good I'm sure, but the White Witch and The Green Lady are NOT the same person, so I don't think they should over cast her. They are both witches, yes, but not the same person.
      And yes, that would be confusing to non Narnian fans(nerds?).

  3. Sophie Nelisse as Jill? THAT'S BRILLIANT. Why did I never think of that? Anyway, yes, she and Will Poultner MUST play Eustace and Jill. They just must.

    Douglas Booth as Rillian...sure! I mean...I think I pictured Rillian with a slightly more--I guess--masculine, kind of face, but DB could do really well as Rillian, now that you mention it.

    I'm not sure that I could do Tom Hiddleston as Puddleglum...but that's partially because I REALLY love the way Puddleglum was portrayed in the old BBC version of TSC :D

    And Ben Barnes has to play Caspian X. Of course. And Peter Dinklage, yes.

    Emily Blunt! Yeah, she would be really great. One dream cast I read had Katie McGrath as the Lady of the Green Kirtle, and I think she would be perfect, but she's a little young; they'd have to make her up somehow to be older, haha. Emily Blunt would also be really good, though.

    Thanks so much for this! It was a lot of fun to read:D

    1. I know right?? She would be just perfect.

      Yes, I see what you mean by masculine, but the book does describe Rillian as young, and Douglas Booth certainly has a young face. Hee hee, don't we sound judgmental??

      Hmm. The old Puddleglum. Although I haven't seen that movie, I looked at some pictures, and I feel like that Puddleglum looked more like an old mountain sort of man. Now I don't know what the acting was like, and that's just my opinion.

      Ben Barnes, of course to. He honestly is the perfect Caspian, and oh so handsome. :) I felt like a little school girl saying that. Umm, I guess I kinda am though. ;) Peter Dinklage is perfect to.

      Now that you mention it... Katie McGrath, thought I've never seen her in anything, would be very good, but yes, to young. I think Emily Blunt is the perfect age.

      No problem!! I had sooooo much fun, and loving being nerdy with everyone about it. Because I still haven't stopped fan-girling. And I never shall!

      For Narnia and for Aslan!

      *types this while listening to The Battle and feels epic*

  4. O my goodness! When I heard that they were making The Silver Chair, I wanted Tom to play Puddleglum, too!! Sophie would also be great as Jill...I never thought of her!!
    Can't wait for the movie to come out!! I wish there was already a trailer. :)

    1. Oh good!!! I'm glad someone else agrees!! I think he would be perfect in some weird way.

      Yes, Sophie would be perfect, I really really REALLY hope they cast her!!

      I hope so to... I'm dying for one!

  5. Replies
    1. Why Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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