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   Hello dearies... I haven't been on in so long.... :( But school is reigning supreme right now. And now it's no longer new and exciting, but long and dreary. So ya. But, the point of this post is this fact...
                                                             I started Sherlock.

 Yes. I loved the first two books, and am on the third one... And I have wanted to see it for so bad, not only because of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, but because IT'S SHERLOCK HOLMES! All I can say is that it is soooooooooo good. The acting is superb. The storyline intriguing and tricky, the script witty and subtle, the sound track, and the shooting, it's gorgeousness.

And Sherlock is so terribly funny!!

Sorry for the overload of gifs, but I couldn't resist. It's to awesome.



  1. You like Sherlock too?
    It's a brilliant show, and quite addicting, which makes the long waits even harder to bear.
    Looking forward to your opinion on season 3 (and of course season 4 that isn't very far away now)

    1. Oh yes! Brilliant is the most perfect word for it.

      I know, I can't wait for season 4 four to!!


    I'm about to write a post featuring my ships from different TV shows, and there will be one from this show. JUST SQUEEEE.

    1. SHERLOLLY!! Called it.

      I'm so glad you watch it to, it's so awesome!!!!!


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