Ask Me Anything Answers - 100th Post!!

  This is my 100th post!! *loud clapping and chears* I don't know why I feel like it's a big deal.. But one hundred posts seems a lot to me, so I'm going to make a fuss. And since we are leaving on a road trip on Friday, I thought I would answer the Ask Me Anything Post before we leave. If you wanted to ask more questions, and I missed them, just comment again, I'll do a part 2. Savvy?

Here we go!!

Morgan's Questions:

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Oooh... I'm going to have to say The Nativity.

I mean, seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, please go watch it. It's so beautiful, and gritty, and lovely all at once. Go watch it for me. Thanks.

2. What is your favorite sweet during Christmastime? (A cookie, bar, candy cane...)

I love candy canes. Although the multitude of cookies is always great to. :) But candy canes are the best.

3. Does your family have any traditions that you do for Christmas?

Our church normally does a Christmas Eve service that we are normally somehow involved in, so we attend that, and then we normally open one special gift from mom and dad on Christmas Eve. Often its new pajama's. Christmas morning we have breakfast, open presents and then head over to my grandparents for a huge meal.

4. What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

I absoloutly love O Holy Night... I mean some of those lyrics are powerful! There's one bit that goes: "He knows our needs, to our weakness is no stranger.." I love that bit.  O Come O Come Emmanuel is also great. And of course Silent Night.


5. What are your least favorite Christmas songs? (If you have any)

I tend to get really annoyed with some of the new Christmas Songs, like Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, and Last Christmas. And Feliz Navidad, because it gets stuck in your head... They are really annoying. Just No.

Meredith's Questions:

1. What is one of the worst movies you've seen?

 When I first saw this question I thought this was going to be a hard one, but then my older brother convinced me and my dad to watch an action movie called Wanted.... And now I know which movie is the worst.
Ugggh. Normally I LOVE a good action movie, but don't ever watch this movie. Just don't. It was awful in every sense of the word... The script, writing, and plot was bad, the language and other content was high, and it was just down right cheesy. The only reason I ended up watching this was because James Macavoy was in it, as well as Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman. All in all it was a waste of time. Sorry. But I had to rant about it a bit.

2. Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your house?

My bed. Because it's perfect to read in, and do school on, and it's pretty. Although I would love an old Sherlock Holmes like armchair. Maybe someday.

3. Where do you best like to read?
Either on my bed, or curled up on a couch somewhere. I wish I had a window seat to read in. That would be so dreamy, no?
I want it.

4. When was the last time a book made you laugh out loud?
I don't remember exactly, but I have been reading Sherlock Holmes like mad lately, so I'm going to say during one of those mysteries. Because the relationship between Sherlock and Watson is brilliant.

5. If you could spend one day with any fictional character, whom would it be? (hehe, that's a hard one...) xD

Aww Meredith, REALLY???? I can't choose. AGGGHHH!!

There are so many good ones... Gandalf, Aragorn, Caspian, Lucy, Edmund, Robin Hood... But since I'm in a bit of a Sherlock Holmes mood, I'm going to say Sherlock Holmes. Because he's the first one that came to mind, and I would hopefully pick up a few good tips about deduction.

Jessica's Questions:

1. Out of all the Narnia books, what's your favorite "ship," and why?

Oh, good one! There are so many sweet ones.. I love Polly and Digory, and Jill and Eustace. But I also sort of ship Lucy and Tirian, so I'm going to go with them for now.

2. Are you a Jane Austen person? If so, what's your favorite book?

Yes, I do really enjoy Austen. However I have only read Pride and Prejudice. *ducks* So I'm going to say that's my favorite book. I really loved the Northanger Abbey movie though, so I would love to read that one.

3. Do you have siblings?

Yes. Three brothers. One older, and two younger. I always make a big fuss about how awful and mischievous they are, but they aren't THAT bad. Not all the time at least.

4. I know you've watched Thor, so I don't feel awkward asking, Have you seen Captain America? If yes, what did you think?

I have seen Captain America, The First Avenger, and really liked it. He is so sweet, I felt so bad for him in the end. (Sorry that was so vague, but no spoilers, right!) I did feel like his backstory was a bit weak though.

I wished there was another reason he became Captain America, other then the fact that he was really small, then got pumped full of juices in an experiment, then became super strength Cap.
(Why is my layout going weird!? Agh!) 
5. Are you a Newsies fan at all?                                                                                                             I'm ashamed to say Jessica, I had actually never heard of Newsies until I read your guest post on Wonderland Creek. *ducks again* Although now I really want to see it. I hope that makes up for my musical ignorance. :)
Rosie's Questions:

1. Can you play a musical instrument and/or sing?

Yes!! I have played piano for seven or eight years, and just started the violin this summer. I can sing, but I don't think it's all that great. I have a sort of average voice. But I annoy my family with singing anyway.
Problem Solved.
Oh my gosh, so annoying!!

2. What's your favorite thing to do in the evening?

Curl up with a big cup of tea or cocoa, and read or watch a good movie. Bliss.

3. If could pick one song as the "theme song" for your life, which would it be?

What? Oh my word! Such a good question! It would be cool to have the Sherlock theme, but I'm going to say Neil Young's A Heart of Gold.

4. Have you ever been on a sleigh ride?
  I've been on a wagon drawn by horses, but never on a legit sleigh. :(

Rose's Questions:

 1. What is your favourite book of all time?

 What?? No. You should have seen my reaction to that question. I silently screamed, and then put my head in my hands and half laughed half cried. I can't choose!!! So I'm going to do a list of some of my top few. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Men of Iron, The King Raven Trilogy, to name a few. And of course let's not forget Little Women, Eight Cousins, Little House on the Prairie....

2. Have you ever tried writing a novel or short story?

 I have written short stories for school, and started writing Robin Hood Fanfiction. I also sorta started a novel called Honor's Song for NaNiMo Wrimo, but I never even came close to finishing it. The problem with me and writing is that I have problems just getting my words on paper, because I'm constantly editing. My editor doesn't shut up. ;)

3. Do you have any pets?

We have a family dog named Wallace, who is a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever. He is sweet. I have a few rabbits to. That's Wallace. Down there.

Olivia's Questions:

1.  Which TV shows, if any, are on your to-watch list?

I would love to watch BBC's Robin Hood, Death Comes to Pemberly, Return to Cranford, Agents of Sheild, and Agent Carter. I have my work cut out for me. :)

2. Is there a book you know you'll have to read eventually (i.e. for school) but know (or think) you won't like?

*pulls out assigned reading list* Frankenstien, Robinson Crusoe, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not looking forward to those.

3.  What motivated you to start blogging? (It's fun to read how different people got into it, no?:D)

  I never really knew of "blogs" till I started running into them on the internet, and realising "Woah! These are other Christian homeschool girls blogging about books, movies, Jane Austen, and frankly anything else!" I was intrigued, and I wanted in. Mom and dad said I could start one, and Castles in the Air was born!!

4. What's your favorite season?

Oh, this question!! I have asked my self this before, and can't really decide. I love fall, and winter and can't really choose. They are both so beautiful! I love the colors, I love the snow. The fashion, the rainy days, the books and hot drinks. But because I really really want snow, (yes, I'm in Canada and there's no snow...) my favorite season right now is winter.

5. Do you have any pets?

As I mentioned before, I have a few rabbits, and our family has a dog named Wallace. Although we call him Puppy, or Wally, or Smooshie-Poo. (Don't ask.) And if he's being annoying, I call him Dufus.

6.  What genre of music do you most often find yourself buying on iTunes, or if you don't have an iPod/iPhone, what is your favorite genre of music in general?

If I had a phone or ipod to buy for, I would kinda buy a bunch or random stuff. I like musical theatre, and there's this great *BRITISH* boy band called Collabro that sing musical theatre  stuff... So I would buy their albums. I'd probably get a variety of soundtracks, and other songs I liked.

7. Top 5 favorite LotR characters?

Ok. This is ranked in order to.

1. Gandalf the White.
Because he is wise, epic and always saves the day.

2. Aragorn
Because he is an amazing warrior, he is brave, and totally dedicated to Frodo's quest.

3. Eowyn
She is so brave and valiant. I love how she doesn't sit behind while others fight, but takes action.

4. Eomer and Samwise Gamgee
I couldn't choose between these two.. They are both so amazing in their own right. So they both get on the list. I really think Eomer is quite under rated though.. He is so amazing!! 
5. Merry and Pippin
 To me they count as one, so there. And why do I like them? That picture explains it all.
8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hmm. I really hate when people say horseback riding is easy... IT"S NOT!! So stop saying that!! I also hate it when people talk about how boring books are, or make fun of my fandoms.


9. Water, milk, or juice--which one do you drink more often?                                                                
Milk. I love milk. It's the best. Especially when you dip cookies in it! Mmm.

10. Do you have any especially fun Christmas or New Year traditions?          
                                    New Year's Eve is my oldest brothers birthday, so we have a big party, and stay up late. It's fun. :)      
Thank you so much to everybody who asked questions! It was so much fun!! Maybe I'll do it again sometime. Anywho, that's all for now.. Merry Christmas!                              


  1. Awesome post, Abby! I enjoyed reading your answers! I LOVE O Holy Night! My Mom and Dad had it sung at their wedding. I have read all three of those books and my favorite out of those would be Robinson Crusoe, it's a little slow going but I liked it. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Merry Christmas! :D

    1. Thank you!

      That's so beautiful!!

      Yes, I tried reading Robinson Cruesoe when I was younger, and it was to hard for me to read, so that's why I'm not looking forward to trying to re read it. Bad first impressions.

      Thank You! And Merry Christmas back!

  2. Congrats on 100 posts!!!!!!

    This is going to be a long comment. Just thought you might want to be prepared. :)

    Haha, that "Last Christmas" picture, though!

    Yeah, wow, Wanted looks awful. Did you dad and brother like it?

    Oh, a window seat WOULD be nice! My uncle was planning to build one for us, but we realized it'd be a bigger project than anticipated, so he didn't. Tragedy. ;)

    Sherlock! Good answer. In 5th grade, I was assigned an impromptu presentation about whom, from anyone in the world, I would like to meet. I chose Sherlock Holmes:)

    Dawwwww, Wallace is adorable.

    Now I HAVE to read the King Raven Trilogy! I've been meaning to for a while, and it looks so good! Have you read the Pendragon Cycle by the same author? Speaking of Robin Hood, I'm reading Howard Pyles, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood now. You've read that, right?

    Good answers!

    Do you mind if I copycat you with an Ask Me Anything post sometime? I've been thinking about doing one for awhile. :D

    1. Yay!! I love long comments!!

      Ya, I thought that one was pretty funny. My brother liked the movie, but dad and I hated it. We spent the last forty five minutes making fun of it....

      The horror! ;) Maybe someday you will get a window seat though!

      Why thank you my dear Watson! That's so sweet!! One question, have you been homeschooled all your life? I have.

      :) Yes, he is. And he loves people to.

      Oh please please PLEASE do!!! I don't know anyone else who has read it, and I need someone to fangirl with about it!! And it's such a good series! I bought Talisan, the first book in The Pendragon Cycle, but I haven't read it yet. It looks phenomenal! And yes, I read TMAoRH. It was sooo good, it's one of those books that make you cry when it's over, because it was so warm and fuzzy. You understand! :)

      Thank you! And go ahead and copy me, because really I copied Olivia, who copied someone else... And so on. So feel free!!

    2. Yep! The "class" I referred to was my homeschool group.

      Great! I will copy you, then;)

  3. If you really don't like "Last Christmas," try listening to Keith Harkin's (Celtic Thunder's) version on YouTube. Either you will fall in love with the song, OR you will hate it worse than ever, and I can't say which. Just watch it.

    Yesssssss . . . I do love Jill and Eustace. Lucy and Tirian! Now that's one I never really thought of . . . but it's cool!

    Yeah. I think Cap's backstory is sliiiiiiightly weak also . . . but I know they got it from the comics, and so I guess it's not really their fault. I just asked because I love him SOOOOOOOO MUCH as a character. (I am NOT looking forward to "Civil War." No. I am not. Leave my baby alone, Tony Stark, or I'll hit you with Rapunzel's frying pan.)

    Hey, that's okay! I knew nothing about Newsies, either, till Naomi and Emma started talking about them on their blogs a bunch . . . and I started listening to the YouTube soundtrack, just on a whim. And promptly fell in love. (Yes, the entire soundtrack is available on YouTube, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It's just sooooooooo much fun. Even if you aren't a "musicals person" as a rule.)

  4. I loved Robinsoe Crusoe Abby! (And it wasn't assigned reading) I read it three times anyways...:) then again I love stranded-on-Island-and-thrives stories, the swiss family robinson is my kind of story. Don't judge poor Robinson Crusoe too harshly yet!

    By the way,

    "Feliz navidad!"'re welcome:)

    1. Yes, you mentioned that! Please remember that I was younger, and think books like that in old English were a problem for me. None the less I still am not looking forward to it....

      NO! YOU DID NOT....... JUST. DO. THAT.

    2. Actually, today my spanish teacher MADE the whole class sing Feliz Navidad, or threatened to make anyone who didn't join do a solo at the front... tough day.

    3. And that's why I will never take Spanish class. LOL


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