Ask Me Anything Post

   Soooo... I don't really know what to post after the C. S. Lewis week. I was thinking a review of Sherlock Series 1 - 3, but as I still getting over how it ended, and all the feels involved, I'm going to wait for a bit. ;) So in the mean time, how about an "Ask Me Anything " post.? So ask away!!!! Ask me anything!





  1. 1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
    2. What is your favorite sweet during Christmastime? (A cookie, bar, candy cane...)
    3. Does your family have any traditions that you do for Christmas?
    4. What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?
    5. What are your least favorite Christmas songs? (If you have any)

    I know these are all Christmas questions.:) If I think of any more I'll let you know. :D

    1. Yay! Thanks so much! I can't wait to answer them!

      Please do: the more the better!!

  2. What is one of the worst movies you've seen?

    Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your house?

    Where do you best like to read?

    When was the last time a book made you laugh out loud?

    If you could spend one day with any fictional character, whom would it be? (hehe, that's a hard one...) xD

    1. Oh, good questions! I can't wait to answer them…

      Thanks so much for the questions Meredith!!

  3. Hi! I only just started following your blog, so a few of these questions might be things you've already answered other places :)

    1. Out of all the Narnia books, what's your favorite "ship," and why?
    2. Are you a Jane Austen person? If so, what's your favorite book?
    3. Do you have siblings?
    4. I know you've watched Thor, so I don't feel awkward asking, Have you seen Captain America? If yes, what did you think?
    5. Are you a Newsies fan at all? (Sorry, I know that's random, but I had to ask 'cause I'm going to see them on Saturday and I'm a tiny bit obsessed right now. ;) )

    1. Hi Jessica! I'm so glad you asked those questions!! I can't wait to answer them!

  4. I've never commented on your blog before, but I saw this and thought I might think of a few questions. I hope you like them!

    1. Can you play a musical instrument and/or sing?
    2. What's your favorite thing to do in the evening?
    3. If could pick one song as the "theme song" for your life, which would it be?
    4. Have you ever been on a sleigh ride?

    Have a nice day! :)

    1. Hi Rosie.. I'm so glad you commented! I love comments so much! :) Thanks for the questions, I look forward to answering them!

  5. What is your favourite book of all time?
    Have you ever tried writing a novel or short story?
    Do you have any pets?

    There, that was all I could come up with at the moment-

    1. Oh, good questions! Thanks for the comment!

  6. You have the "askin' all dem questions" gif xD

    Like Meredith did for Morgan, I'm just going to ask you the same questions I asked Morgan:

    ~ Which TV shows, if any, are on your to-watch list?
    ~ Is there a book you know you'll have to read eventually (i.e. for school) but know (or think) you won't like?
    ~ What motivated you to start blogging? (It's fun to read how different people got into it, no?:D)
    ~ What's your favorite season?
    ~ Do you have any pets?
    ~ What genre of music do you most often find yourself buying on iTunes, or if you don't have an iPod/iPhone, what is your favorite genre of music in general?
    ~ Top 5 favorite LotR characters?
    ~ What is your biggest pet peeve?
    ~ Water, milk, or juice--which one do you drink more often?
    ~ Do you have any especially fun Christmas or New Year traditions?


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