Han Solo Cosplay: A Work in Progress

  So here as promised, is the update on my cosplay for Han Solo. It's not done, I still have a few minor details to touch up on, but the majority of it is done. I was up till 1:00 last night working on it. :) Oh the life of a fangirl right,! Ahem. Right.  I also figured out how to take a decent mirror selfie, so be prepared for that. You have been warned.

Yes. Well. Shall we begin?

The vest, shirt, belt and pants were all found at the thrift store, so all I had to do was add the red stripes to the pants. And touch up a few details here and there. 

First came cutting the red ribbon to the right length, and drawing a line with sharpie every half inch. As another Han cos-player said, it was "tedious" . Very much so. But I finally got both sides done.

I was going to glue gun the ribbons on, but then my gun started smelling like it was burning, and the glue wasn't clear, but brown. *cue inward freaking out*

Scary, right?? 
 Now I know that glue guns smell weird because of the hot glue, but this one smelt TO burnt, and was bubbling, and when it came out brown, I almost had a heart attack. My thoughts were pretty much, " Oh my gosh it's burning, it's going to burst into flames in my hands, or blow up. Then I'll burn the whole house down!!" So I unplugged it, and squeezed all the weird brown glue out. Somehow some sort of crayon, or colored substance got in there, and colored the glue. My theory about how it happened? Brothers. Once that was cleared up, I started glueing.
It took me a few tries before I got good at it, but finally, after lots of gluing, re-gluing, burnt fingers, (lots of these) and muttered angry words, I got both ribbons on. I tried getting the residue glue off the rest of the material,  but it wouldn't for the life of me come off. I tried knives, wire brushes, finger nails, rubbing achohol, anything I could think of. Finally I took a black sharpie and colored on the glue, and now you can't see it. Problem solved!

 By the time I finished glueing it was one, and I was tired. *shocker* So the rest of the pictures I took this morning.

My pride and joy. 
And here is a better shot of the belt:

That is all I have now... So I shall go back to drinking my tea, finishing up the details, that pesky little math test that must be done, and counting down the days till Star Wars 7!!!!!!!

So long dearies!



  1. What a great costume--it's so creative! I'd never have thought of doing that :)
    I must try that mirror-selfie trick sometime--holding the camera NEXT TO your face, not in front of it. (Which is what I always do, and which always spoils the picture.)

    I'm SO SO SO EXCITED for this movie. I just can't wait. We're going on the 18th, so it's just about one more week!!!

    1. Thank you! I had wanted to cos-play for the longest of times, and this costume was the perfect beginner one.

      Yes, that's what I always did to... It was always so frustrating!

      Me to!! We are seeing it on the 19th or 20th. I can't wait!!!

  2. I love it!

    And lovely mirror selfies. :D

    1. Thanks Meredith! I'm so foolishly proud of myself for figuring them out... ;)

  3. What a cool costume! Thrift stores are awesome, aren't they? That belt! I love it!

    Oh, yeah, BROTHERS. I've got four :D And three sisters. "Jessica Prescott" who commented above, is my oldest sister, which is fun :)

    1. Thank you! I love that belt to, I never would have imagined enjoying it that much...

      Really? No way!! I would have never guessed that!!

  4. Eeeeeek! It looks so authentic!!! :D

  5. Awesome costume!! Looks really autehentic! And congratulations with figuring out mirror selfies, they require quite a lot of practice to be good:)

    1. Why thank you! I think it should turn out pretty well.

      Yes, it really is quite silly, but I was so proud of myself. ;)


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