It's calling to you.... Just let it in.

    Aggghhh!!!! Just two more days till I see Star Wars, The Force Awakens. And, my cosplay is done!! I have a few finished pictures that I took in my mirror.. Sorry for the awful quality.. Phones ya know. I promise I will do a photo shoot once we arrive at my Grandparent's in West Virginia.

 Please excuse the messy bedroom in the backround... I was wrapping Christmas Gifts! :)

  So now my costume is all packed up, ready to travel!

I am so excited to see the movie, for several reasons. I've said this so much, and you all are probably like, 'okay enough already!, so I'm going to explain.

   First, this will be the first Star Wars film I have ever seen in theaters, since the most recent one came out in 2005, when I was but four. I feel like this is a wonderful time for all Star Wars Nerds out there, *fellow nerds unite!!* because a new one is coming out, and it has so many of our old friends returning.

 But the coolest thing is that my dad remembers my Grandpa taking him to the theater to see A New Hope when it first came out in 1977. (For anyone who didn't know, A New Hope was the first Star Wars ever.) And now, 39 years later, we are going with Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, and literally my whole family to see a brand new Star Wars. It's pretty amazing, and for a silly romantic like me, it is something I will remember forever. (And I get to cosplay as the most epic space smuggler ever. Uh huh.) So that's why I'm so excited. Anyway, I won't talk to you dearies till Saturday at the earliest... But I will be sure to update how the movie was.

     May The Force Be With You!



  1. I'm going tonight--and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I know just how you feel, too--because my Dad saw all three original SW movies in theaters when they came out, and now he's taking me and my siblings to see this one . . . and I'm just so happy. I know it's going to be really special :)

    1. Oh! Congratulations! It's so exciting when something has been around for so long that several generations can enjoy it.. It most defiantly is special.

  2. FUN!!! Your outfit looks amazing!! Actually my Mom and older sister are in the theater right now!!! I am home alone with the kids!!

    1. Thank you! I think it turned out okay for my first cos play.

      That's so cool! Are you planning to see it at somepoint?


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