Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  So Chloe nominated anyone in their pj's for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.. Now. I was not in my pj's when I read the post, and I am not in them now... (Because I don't really want to blog in my pj's that's why!) So I'm going to bend the rules a bit, and answer the questions, before I get ready for bed.  (Now I've already done it once before, but these are new questions, so why not!)

So here are the questions!

1. If you were tossed into a fictional world, which genre would you want it to be? (In other words, which would you have the best chance at surviving?) 

Woah. Good question. I would want to be tossed into fantasy. Definatly. I mean Narnia, Lord of the Rings, King Raven?? Even if I didn't last long, it would be EPIC.

2. If you could take three people with you to that world, who would you take?

Well, I would bring my mommy... Because I would miss her dreadfully, and two of any of my friends who would want to go.

3. If a stranger broke into your house, but didn't see you immediately, what would you do?(Assuming you didn't have a phone within arm's reach.) 

Because she reacted perfectly. 

Well. Since I am secretly am Catwoman in disguise.. Just kidding. First I would scream silently... And then if there was something in reach, would try to conk him out. If there wasn't something around, I would sneak down to my older brother's room, and get one of his airsoft guns. (they just shoot plastic BB's. ) Then I would surprise him with said gun. THEN I would kindly ask him to leave.

4. What would be the ideal way to meet your future husband? ( in your opinion) 

I would say at a church youth event, or conference or something.

5. If there's on character from a book/movie you would never want to find sitting in your living room, who would it be? (Leaving out the ones that are to big or abstract to sit in your living room-i.e. Sauron...) 

Oooohh... I like this question. I would say Denethor from Lord of the Rings. Because I despise him. And would be having a huge inner struggle to NOT punch him in the face.


6. If there was one character from a book/movie that you would want to find sitting in your living room, who would it be?

Woah. This one is HARD!!!!!!! I would say Rilian from Narnia, or Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. Just because I love them both. And then we could have hot chocolate with Cinnamon, and Narnian food, and be happy. :)

7. If you could live one day of your life in the style of a television show, what genre would you pick?(Sitcom, comedy, romance, crime drama, etc)

Crime drama. Because Sherlock?? (Once is a close second though.)

8. What character role would you take in the "episode?" 

I would say Watson.. But that wouldn't be possible.. So I'm going to say Molly Hooper.

9. If someone were to compose a soundtrack for your life, who would you want it to be? 

Either Hans Zimmer, or Harry Gregson -Williams.

10. Can you give us some examples of their work?

Of course!

Harry Gregson Williams:

Hans Zimmer:

Gorgeous right?? I know.

Thanks so much Chloe!! So now I award... Anyone who has their hair in a ponytail. :) That's all for now dearies!!


  1. Caught me 15 minutes to late, Abigail!! And Chloe was 15 minutes to early!!

    1. Oh, to bad! Feel free to bend the rules if you would like, I did. ;)

  2. Her reaction, though! YOU GO, GIRL.

    Denethor, as Parker would say, "has an extremely punchable face". I loathe that man with a bitter loathing.


    1. Oh I know right? I hope that someday I might be able to react that fast. :)

      Who is this Parker? Because he is correct.

      !!!!! YES!

  3. Oh, and Abigail! THE HEADER. 'Nuff said.


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