Blog Buttons and Followers

Hello dearies!!

 I just wanted to quickly mention that I made some blog buttons related to my post: On the deeper? side of Fangirls . I thought that I would make some buttons for you to put on your blog, if you would like, to spread the word about this quest, so to speak. Here they are:

So if you would like, please take one! When you post it on your blog, please link back either to my post, or  a post you have made on the subject. That way we can spread the word and idea around, savvy?

Annddd, I just noticed I reached ten followers!!! Thanks so much to everyone who has followed my blog, I'm glad you think my stuff is worth reading! :)

Anywho, the road is now calling, and I must away.



  1. Congratulations on ten followers!! And the button's up on my sidebar. :)

  2. Ooh! Imma have to put one of these up. Thanks! And congrats, btw!


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