Happy New Year!


Happy New Year dearies! So sorry I haven't talked to you since last year... ;) I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve last night! We had a party with friends, and stayed up till midnight for the countdown, which was fun. A friend of ours stayed the night, so I slept in the basement, which meant I had access to the tv.. And I watched Sherlock till 4:30 am. #noshame Although I was struggling to stay awake during the end of the last one... :) I slept in late this morning.

Finally we have snow, it was snowing all this morning.. And we will be leaving to go sleading in a few short minutes.
winter white:
Now it really, truly, feels like winter. Now I'm ready to settle down and hibernate with all the rest of the world. Now I'm ready to keep the fire roaring, and break out the skates, and keep cauldrons of hot cocoa and tea at the ready. Just saying. I love winter.... I reminds me of Narnia, and I love all it brings.
Christmas in Croatia - Snowfall creates magical scenes on the window panes, a game of ice and light.:
I'm rather sad that Christmas is over.. It all happened so fast, and I miss it.. But holidays aren't over yet, so all's well. Anyhow my dears, I must be off soon and get ready for our sledding escapade.


  1. 4:30. Wow.

    I'm planning a movie marathon for Tolkien's birthday, in which I'll pull off an all-nighter with LotR. :D

    We got snow, too! Just a little, but I was still happy.

    1. ....Ya. :) It was really fun.

      That would be EPIC!! I should do that sometime! When is his birthday?

      Oh yes, even a little helps. I love snow! :)

    2. Today? As in January 3rd? That's so cool!! Happy birthday dear Tollers!!

  2. 4:30. Ouch. No, we didn't stay up 'till midnight . . . With a house full of younger kids it isn't practical :P And I was sick anyway. Still am, rather.

    Happy New Year!!!!

    1. Yes, we never really stayed up till we were older. 4:30 was a bit rough, but I have no regrets about it.. :)

      I hope you feel better soon!! Happy New Year to you to!

  3. Happy New Year, my dear friend!!! :D

  4. Snow!! Oh, yes, I LOVE all the snow in the Narnia books. Honestly, I think that's probably a big reason why "The Silver Chair" is my favorite . . . I really need to do a re-read of that series sometime. I haven't read them in so long because I've been kind of caught up with college stuff--but I'd love to go back and look at them again :-)

    1. Yes! I loved that bit in the Silver Chair where he is talking about the snow on the countryside, and it's gorgeous. I need to read them again to. :)


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