Life goes on... But guess what came in the mail?

  So. We are back into normal routine... Life goes on, and the Cinderella Week sadly is over. :( It was fun, no? I'm trying to get back into routine, but it's been rather difficult after two weeks of break. Ah well, it will come.

  Yesterday was a snow day for my older brother... So he stayed home and we all got school off and had a brilliant snowy day, because it was snowing fluff all day. I had to finish a book, and wright an essay about it, but I really don't mind assigned reading, so when I paired it with The Imitation Game soundtrack, and tea it was fun. Add to that a trip to the thrift shop and finding a fifty cent official licenced Avengers tee-shirt, and it was a pretty good day. ;)


  I think my puppy is a Sherlock fan, and here's why. I was watching A Scandal in Belgravia last night, and Wallace was on my lap watching to. (Yes I had a ninety pound dog on my lap. It was adorable.) Anyway, he was asleep in my arms, but he suddenly woke up and started intently watching the screen. I was laughing, and asked him if he liked watching Sherlock. He didn't move, but as soon as Sherlock came on-screen, he wagged his tale. By then I was like "Oh my gosh my dog is Sherlocked!!" I felt like a proud parent. My puppy has good taste.. ;)

  Later on in the episode, at the part where Dr. Watson gets picked up by one of Irene Adler's women, he started watching again. He saw the woman John was talking to, and started frantically wagging his tale.... For the rest of the episode whenever that woman showed up/talked he would sit up and wag his tale. It was strangely adorable.


  And while we are talking about all things Sherlock, (how else would it be??) MY SHERLOCK TEE-SHIRT CAME!! I am so excited.. It fits so nicely, and now I can display to the world that I am Sherlocked. Christmas money well spent.

Oh, and I joined Tumblr, the land of crazy fandoms and ramblings. So far it's fun. Here is the link to my page thing: Life of a Fangirl . Tumblr is basically a combination between Pinterest and Blogger, you can post pictures, text, links, videos, or host chats all on a blog that you get when you join. You can also re-blog and like any pictures of posts you see. And it's kinda the headquarters of all things fandom, so I thought I'd check it out.

That's all for now my... Unfortunately my frustrating important studios of Biology, Latin, and violin can't be neglected any longer. In parting, I leave you with a word from our beloved Mr. Holmes.

"Life is full of whimsical happenings, Watson."
-Sherlock Holmes


  1. Your dog does, indeed, have good taste. That is so cool!

  2. Soundtracks are an amazing combination with assigned readings :) And thrift store trips are always a great thing!

    1. Oh yes... What's amazing is when you listen to that soundtrack afterwards, and all the feels and details of the book comes flooding back. Is so terrifying and wonderful all at once.

      Yes! Thrift stores are the best. You wouldn't believe all the costuming supplies, and vintage books I have found there.....


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