Red Carpet Fashion

     So Olivia has done some posts on pretty Red Carpet Fashion, and I know that I always love reading them.... So here are some of the nice Red Carpet Fashions that I saw and loved. Feast your eyes!! (All photos are from StyleBistro)

* I don't know who this is..*
 I love the dark lace on this one... And the length is so pretty.

* I don't know who this is either* 
 This one is so slender and chic and elegant... And the floral pink lace!? Agh!!
Cate Blanchett

Cate always has lovely stuff... I love the tea length, and the sleeves. The whole thing is very feminine and flattering.
* I don't know who this is either*
This one is interesting... I love the length and that deep purple.
*Don't know her*
 Ooooh... Look at how ethereal that skirt is... *sighs*
Amanda Crew
Ok, lets pretend that the top isn't so see through... But isn't that faded floral vintage-ish look gorgeous??
Emily Robinson
 LOVE. The flowers and sleeves and shoes?? Enough has been said.
Katherine McNamara
I love how simple and classic this one is. And modest?!
Saoirse Ronan
The color. That tone of blue is heaven, and I love the little sleeve details...
Daisy Riddley (or Rey from Star Wars) 

I love this! It's so cute and light and flowy. I love her hair and makeup as well... <3
Lily James
This one is so ethereal and Greek goddess like.. I love the top, how a long piece hangs over her shoulder. It's sooo pretty!!

Which dresses were your favorite?! Would you wear any of them? Do tell!



  1. Love the header! I would wear the pink long sleeve one. So fun!

    1. Thanks! I wanted something different for a change... :) And you can't go wrong with LOTR CON or SW...

      Yes, that one was gorgeous!! I love it...

  2. Love your new header, Abigail!!

    I love Cate's, Emily Robinson's, Katherine McNamara's and Saoirse's.

    1. Thank you!!

      Yes, those ones are so elegant. I love Cate's, she always has such lovely outfits. So classy!!

  3. Lovely dresses--thanks for sharing!

    Okay, the girl in the pink dress--second from top--is Saoirse Ronan (I just happen to recognize her 'cause she's one of my favorites.) Have you seen the photos from her new movie Brooklyn? The storyline's a bit iffy (sadly) but the costumes are GORGEOUS.

    1. No problem!! :)

      Oh cool!!! Thanks for letting me know.. I hate it when you don't know their names! No, I don't believe I have... I might have to check it out, it sounds lovely!! :)

    2. Ok, so get this. I literally JUST saw the trailer for Brooklyn, it popped as an add on YouTube. It looks sooooooo good! I want to see it so bad know. :)

    3. I know--it looks beautiful! Those costumes, man . . .

      Just make sure to check out the Plugged-In review or something beforehand, cause . . . well, y'know. There's some Content. :-)

  4. Oooh!!!! YAYSIES!

    I think my favorite of those is the last one, but I liked most of them! They're so pretty...sigh...

    Thanks for this!

    1. :D

      Yes, dear Lily James.. :) Oh I know... Maybe someday we will have a dress this fancy. :)

      No problem! I took inspiration from you anyway, so... :)


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