Life at the Moment

   So what about a little update on my life for you all?

Lately I've been:


Taliesin by Stephen R. Lawhead, and St. Augustine's Confessions. St. Augustine has been really, really good. Thick, but good. And guys, he has the most gorgeous quotes. I mean, GAH!! 

Listening To:

Mainly Adele, and the Les Mis soundtrack. Because sometimes you must need to have One Day More on repeat at max volume. You understand? Thought so. 

Wishing For:
A little bit more cold weather, because all our snow is gone. :( And it's only February and this is Canada so it doesn't make sense. The King Raven Trilogy that I ordered to hurry up and arrive. 

Busy With:
    School. Because I just am. And I just started choosing my courses for high school next year. I've decided to go to public high school next year... I needed a change from home school, and also some new experiences. Mom and Dad and I prayed and thought about it a lot, and feel this is the right choice.
   I'm slightly terrified, but my big brother is there, and practically all my friends, so it will be okay. If it's what the Lord wants, it will be the right path. And guys, they have a dramatic arts class. And a media arts class, where you critique films, and learn about the different genres. And they do musicals to. So ya, I'm excited. Tons of new opportunities ahead.

Excited About:

Finally getting a phone, because I have been dying to download soooo much music. And have a portable camera. And keep in touch with friends. So I can't wait. I'm also excited about Valentines Day. I don't know why, maybe because of the candy, and pink decorations, and trying Valentines themed makeup. I can't wait. 

Anywho, happy Sunday/Weekend. That's all for now. 



  1. You're reading Confessions? I'm very impressed. How long is it?

    YOU'RE LISTENING TO LES MIS TOO?!? I've been listening to that on a daily basis for a few months. You have to read the book. Please. Then we can fangirl together. :) Do you have a favorite song?

    No snow in Alaska, either.

    I like that last picture muchly. :D

    1. Well, Confessions is for school… But I'm glad I'm reading it. :) There is about 27 short books, but I only have to read ten of them.

      YES!!!! I sit down and think: "what do I want to listen to?? And then I'm always in the mood for Les Mis. I don't know why. :) Ok, I will read the book. Someday I will. I promise. But I must admit the size rather scares me….. But I promise you it is on my TBR list. And I will still fangirl with you even if I'm not an expert. :) Favourite song?? It's a tie between Do You Hear the People Sing and One Day More. At the moment at least.

      Really? I must admit, I'm surprised. Alaska rather seems like the land of perpetual snow and ice to me. :) A Sterotype, I'm sure.

      Hee hee, me to. :)

  2. Ah, yes, St. Augustine is AWESOME :)

    Wow, that is so cool that you'll be trying public school! Especially since your brother and all your friends will be there. Dramatic arts and media arts sound fun!! :)

    1. He really is!!

      Ya, I'm really excited. It will be a nice change. :)

  3. I love St. Augustine. :-)

    Good luck with public school! I understand it must be a big change, but I bet you'll have fun--especially with those musicals! ;-) And if it doesn't work for you, you can always switch back after a year . . . So yeah, sounds like a good choice. :-)

    1. Yes, I really am enjoying it. :)

      Thank you!! Ya, it will be a big switch for sure, but it will be fine, and I am excited which is good. And I really hope they do Les Mis as one of the musicals... That would be epic.
      Yes, that's a nice assurance. I'm pretty sure I'll stay at school for the rest of high school; it seems like it will be a good fit, but at least I know that if I don't like it, or it doesn't feel right, I can switch back to home. :)

    2. That's wonderful! Have a great time :-)

  4. I love cold weather, too! It's so cozy. Les Mis has great music! That last picture is awesome! :)

    1. Yes! Cozy is the perfect word. It totally does, I wuvs it.

      Hee hee, I know. It's the best. :)

  5. Taliesin is fantastic! I think I first read it when I was 14 - I found it in my mom's closet all packed away. That was probably the first time I found out she used to be a huge Arthurian/mythology/folklore book fan. I hope you enjoy it :) St. Augustine sounds fascinating too - I don't think I've ever picked up any of his writings, although I know I must have read some quotes because the ones you put up are familiar to me.

    Definitely praying for your transition to public school! I was homeschooled straight through from grade 1 to my first year of university, but honestly I find having the homeschool experience under your belt helps shape you to be a more confident, secure individual (that and a sturdy relationship with Jesus as a Christian). Either way I'm sure it'll be fine!

  6. YES I listen to One Day More at full volume allllllll the time. Sometimes you just need that extra boost of satisfaction to get through the day. :P Good luck with school. I hope it goes well for you!

    1. Oh, it's sooooo great!!! It gets so so excited about well, everything!!

      Why thank you! I'm sure it will, and it's not till next fall, so I have lots of time. :)

  7. @ Squeaks

    Yes, I'm really enjoying it!! That's so cool!! I can't wait to get the rest of the series. Yes, I wouldn't have picked up Augustine on my own, but I'm glad school forced me to do it. :)

    Thank you! That's so cool!! Yes, I agree. Homeschooling has helped shape me into who I am today, and I'm so glad I have homeschooled as long as I have. I'm sure some of that will carry over into school. And I know I will learn new skills at school as well. A relationship with Jesus helps to, for sure. Knowing that in order to make big decisions like this, all we have to do is seek him is so comforting. Once we realize how big God is, everything else is small. :) I'm sure it will be fine to, it's a great school, with lots of good christian kids there. I'm really excited!

    Thanks so much for your comment, and welcome to Castles in the Air!!

  8. I tagged you here:

    1. Thanks soooo much Erudessa! I can't wait!

  9. Oh, wow! I bet this decision about school has been terrifying, but if you've been praying and seeking counsel about it, I'm sure it's the right choice. Best of luck!

    Haha "the other sliiiiiide" xD

    Oh, and I'm so happy for you that you get to do musicals!!! :D

    1. Yes, it was pretty scary to actually admit that this was the best thing to do.. I was terrifyed of school, but now I am really excited so it's good! And we have really prayed hard about this, and feel this is the right thing to do. All I can do is trust now. :)

      Hee hee, yes... ;)

      Thanks, I'm super siked!


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