The Get to Know Me Tag

  So I was tagged by Morgan ages ago to do the Get To Know Me Tag. I know it was forever ago, but it looked fun, so I decided to do it. :) Here goes!!


   ~Vital Stats~

Name:   Abigail Mae Bergel  (There. Now you know the middle name I don't really like. :) 

Nicknames:  Abby mostly. And occasionally Abs. With some of my friends I'm Sherlock. :) 

Place of Birth: Kitchener: Ontario, Canada

Star sign:  I have no idea. I've never gotten involved with that. 


Best friend: I can't choose. Really I can't. I love all my friends. :) 

Award: The first award I won was a ribbon for a private horse show I did when I was Eight or so. I was taking lessons from a friend, and she did a mini show for me to show what I had learned. She gave me one of her ribbons... So that was probably the first. I have won some ribbons in Cross Country, Horseback Riding, (other than the first one) and Piano. I also won an award for junior gardener or something. :) 

Sport: First sport I ever did officially was Track and Field, and riding lessons from a friend. 

Real holiday: I don't know... My birthday I suppose? Maybe Easter since I was born in the spring. 

Concert: The first concert was a Bob Dylan concert my dad took the whole family to when He came on tour to us locally. Then it was probably a Steve Bell concert with my mom. 


Film: Woah. What?? I CAN"T ANSWER THAT??!!! Ok. I'll try. *pulls out mental list* 

The Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings
All Marvel Movies
Star Wars
The Young Victoria
The Bourne Series
Northanger Abbey
The Imitation Game

TV Show: Sherlock. Just. because. This.

And This. 

And This. 



Color:  Blue. 

Song:  Oh my. I don't know. (And that has now become my favorite answer. :/ ) Right now I will say I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. And Stars by Collabro. 

Restaurant: Let's say New York Fries. Because they have amazing poutine. If you don't know what poutine is, it's a Canadian thing, and it's the best thing ever. It's french fries with gravy and chunks of cheese on top. It's my comfort food.  

Books: The Chronicles of Narnia, Sherlock Holmes, The King Raven Trilogy,  The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. The list goes on and on.   


Feeling: Pretty good! I felt a bit weird this morning, but am pretty much better now.  

Single or taken: Single, I hope, considering I'm 14, almost 15. :) 

Eating: I was eating pretzels during geography.

Watching: Nothing at the moment. Although I want to watch Les Mis. 

Wearing: Black leggings, striped socks, a Burgundy knit sweater, and coral colored/patterned scarf.  


Want Children: Yes, at some point. Right now it seems rather daunting, but I know at some point I will want children. 

Want to be married: Yes. I dream of falling in love all the time. (I told you I was hoplessly romantic!!)  

Careers in mind: I would love to act on the stage, and in film. I also love musical theatre. Even working as a director would be amazing. 

Where you want to live: England. Wow, that came out fast. ;) But I want to live there desperately for at least a bit of my life. 

    ~Do You Believe In~

God:  Yes. The Lord has graciously been there for me all along. 

Miracles: Definitely

Love at first sight: I think it is possible, yes! It may not be the most common way of falling in love, but I'm sure it happens. And it's so romantic to, so...... 

Ghosts: As in the spirits of dead people who come back and haunt places, and your classic idea of ghosts, no. However I know there is a very real and powerful spirit realm of angels and demons. 

Aliens: It's a cool idea, but until I have further proof, no.   

Soul Mates: Yes. I believe there is a man somewhere out there meant for me to be with for the rest of my life. 

Heaven:  Yes.

Hell:  Yes. 

Kissing on the first Date: First date, no. Even though it is just a kiss, it still is something special and intimate, and I want to save it for when it counts. Kissing on the first date just destroys the special side of it, and I think, is quite silly. Don't be as nieve as some Disney princesses girls!!  (Yes, I'm looking at you Ana. Marrying a man you just met; tsk tsk!!) 

Yourself: I'm going to steal Morgan's answer: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." With Christ I can do everything: with out Him, well I don't get far. 

Thanks so much for the tag Morgan!! It was sooooo much fun!! 

Now I tag: Alicia, Olivia and Hamlette. Have fun ladies!! 


  1. Can people steal the tag questions for their own blog or no?

    1. Of course you may! I've done it several times, believe me. :)

  2. What an awesome tag! I loved reading your answers :-)

    I like your middle name, Abby! Really I do. But if YOU don't like it, it may be some comfort to you to know that my grandma wanted my parents to give me "Mae" as my FIRST name, and they refused. So . . . y'know. It could've been your first name instead of your second :-)

    Secretariat is AWESOME. (Have you ever seen "Seabiscuit"? It's even better, imho. One of my top favorite films.)

    Love at first sight-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I definitely don't think it's a thing that happens, like, all the time--but I do feel that it is certainly POSSIBLE and can't realistically be ruled out. Like, some lucky people just DO recognize their "soul mates" pretty much the moment they meet them. It's a Thing. ;-)

    Kissing on the first date? Ummmmmmmmmmm, NO. Like, what even. Like, that's SILLY.

    1. Thank you!

      Aw thanks... It's one of those pet peeves of mine for no logical reason. :) It's my mom, and my grandma's middle name, so that's sort of cool... Yes, I suppose it could be worse. Much worse. ;)

      No, I've never seen it, but I do really want to. I'll add it to my list!

      I agree... And though I'm not sure I would want to fall in love that way, it certainly is a lovely thing to think about.....

      Yes. Very silly indeed. ;)

  3. Yay! Awesome answers! You watch the Bourne movies, too?! I love them! I think Mae is a pretty name. :) Aww you quoted me, that makes me feel super happy! Thank you for doing the tag, Abby!!! :D

    1. Thanks!!

      YES!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Ok, done now.

      Thank you.. I suppose it isn't to bad. ;)

      No problem. It was a good answer!

      Thank you for tagging me, it was a ton of fun!!

  4. Very cool about your middle name, of course. :D I don't think I've met many people with that name.

    It's so cool that you were born in Canada! Have you visited America, though?

    Hmmm, I really should try The Young Victoria. Isn't it funny how Morgan, you and I all answered LotR?

    I've read all the books you mentioned except the King Raven Trilogy, which I still *hope* to read someday. Maybe this summer.

    YES YES You should watch Les Mis! ;) Although there are some scenes towards the beginning that we fast-forwarded, everything else is beautiful and epic and totally emotional. :)

    Victor Hugo spends a little bit talking about love at first sight in Les Misérables. Apparently he's a pretty strong believer. :)

    Good answers!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I don't know many people with that middle name, other than my mom and grandma.

      Yes!! I love Canada! I have visited the States, my dad is American so we visit his family twice a year.

      You must try the Young Victoria.. It's gorgeous. Yes! LOTR is epic. We have excellent taste.

      Please do read the KR trilogy.. I need someone to fangirl with. ;)

      I really do. I want to so badly watch it! Soon soon.

      Yes, I can believe that he believed in that.. Once you consider the nature of Marius's and Cosette's relationship... ;)


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