In Which I Turn Fifteen

    I have now entered my fifteenth year of life. (My my, that does sound official, no?) To be honest it feels no different from being fourteen, but the sun is shining, and we had tea and scones for breakfast while listening to our Les Mis record, so the day has been delightful so far.  (Other than me arriving fifteen minutes late for my Geography class.... ) Unfortunately my mother wouldn't let me skip school for the day,  so I'm counting down the hours till my dearest friends come over to have a Sherlock Themed Birthday Party with me. ;)

This isn't my cake but it is lovely isn't it?? 

Have any of you seen Brooklyn? Because we bought the DVD and are planning to watch it tonight, and it looks so gorgeous and beautiful and I can't wait. (And I watched the trailer so many times that I can now talk in a slight Irish accent. :)

Anywho, I must run, I have a piano lesson today that I haven't practiced for. You know the struggle, I'm sure. :)



  1. Happy birthday! Yeah, I still have to do school on my birthday too. Have fun with piano! :D

  2. Happy Birthday, Abigail!! I hope you have a wonderful party!! Many blessings!! :)

  3. Happy birthday, Abby! Have a great rest of your day! (Though I'm sure the Sherlock party will be a struggle to get through. ;))

  4. Happy birthday, Abby!! I hope you have a super-fun birthday party and a wonderful, blessed, exciting fifteenth year! :-)

    I have not seen Brooklyn . . . but I have friends who really liked it! Let us know what you think, 'kay? :-)

  5. Oh My! I just turned 14 today!!! Funny we share a birth date XD.

  6. Happy Birthday!! And I'm excited to turn fifteen a little bit later this year. I've always wanted a spring birthday. May your birthday be filled with cake, friends, and lots of laughter. :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!! How did the party go? A Sherlock theme sounds awesome! I haven't been commenting 'cause I've just been sososo busy. Sorry about that :D

  8. Happy belated birthday! And whoa, a Sherlock-themed party? So cool! I want one of those. How did it go?


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