The Infinity Dream Award/Tag

  Mary has kindly tagged me for the Infinity Dream Award/Tag! Thank you my dear!! You can find Mary's blog HERE . Now on to the tag!!


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. 
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4. Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer.

11 Facts:
Oh my. Let's see if I'm an interesting enough person for this... ;)

1. I have three brothers: one older, two younger. I'm the only girl!! 

2. I'm neither a girly-girl or a tomboy. Seriously I can't decide. I mean, I like wearing makeup, and heels, and wearing fancy dresses, but I also will climb a tree, or run in the rain, or jump in a pool fully clothed, or do crazy tomboy things like that. The effects of having three brothers, I guess. 

3.  I wish desperately that I had an English accent. 

4. I have Type One Juvenile Diabetes.

5. I want to live in Europe at some point in my life. 

6. I have cried consistently ever time I watch Sherlock: The Riechenbach Fall,  and any of the Lord of the Rings movies. And I plan to keep that tradition going. 

7. My favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch.

8.  My bookshelves are organized according to color.

9. I hate mushrooms with a burning passion. 

10. I would love to have a pet panda. Seriously they are like the cutest things ever!! (It's so fluffy I'm going to die!!! ) 

11. There isn't a specific movie genre that is my favorite. I will watch anything from Sci-Fi, to Fantasy, to Action, to Comedy, to Period Drama, to Super Heroes. I love dem all. :) 

I apologize for how horribly random those were. 

The Questions: 

1. What is your favorite season?

Oh my. This is one of those questions that I struggle constantly to answer!! It's a tie between fall, and spring. But just for the sake or rainy days, cups of tea, big scarfs, and endless books I will say fall. 

2. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ooooh! Good one! I'm going to say cake, because there are soooo many different types of cake you can have, and so it wouldn't get boring. :) You could have Petite Fours, and then biscuit type cakes, and then a rich chocolate cake...... 

3. What superpower would you most like to possess?

I would love to be invisible. That would be amazing. And handy. And just think of the pranks you could pull!! It would also be cool to be able to fly, and clone myself. Oh my now I can't choose. :) 

4. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? (I'm apparently hungry right now.)

It depends. In ice cream, vanilla. In cake, chocolate. 

5. What are some books that make you perfectly and incandescently happy?

My main two choices: The Chronicles of Narnia, and Sherlock Holmes. They are just AGGHH! 

6. What is a movie that you enjoyed which you originally weren't expecting to like?

The Dark Knight Trilogy. My older brother kept telling me he thought I would like them, and I was sure I wasn't. Well, they are now on my favorite movies list, so ya. :) 

7. Given the choice between leaving your family behind in order to move to a fictional world or staying where you lived for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Oh my soul this is so hard!!! I want to desperately to go to Narnia, or Middle Earth, and could never stand staying in this exact house for the rest of my life!! There's so much more to see! But I love my family dearly, and would miss them desperately, and at the moment it rather terrifies me to think of leaving them. None the less I would move to that world. Because you never said I couldn't go back to visit them, and fear is to silly a thing to stay behind for!  Think of the adventures!? 

8. Which mythical creature would you adopt?

I was thinking of something epic like a griffin, or centaur but gosh darn it, I want a unicorn. Or a dragon. Oh! A dragon I can ride on! 

9. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

I really don't like it when people make assumptions. Whether it's about me, or a book, or movie, or anything else, it annoys me when people assume they know everything there is to know about said topic. 

10. What fictional character would you most like to have as a friend?

Woah. WHAT? How? Ok. Ummmm...... Edmund Pevensie. Just to switch it up. Because I think he would be an amazing friend to have, and would do lots of ridiculously funny things with you, like take you to movies, or go sledding, or have movie marathons. Runners up were Jo March, Caspian, Rilian, Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Pevensie. 


11. Would you rather write with a pencil or pen?

I'm going to say pen. Because calligraphy pens are loads of fun, and so are those colorful ones. :) 

Ok. So I don't have 11 bloggers to tag, but I do tag:

And now for your new questions!! 

1. What is your earliest memory of reading, or being read to?
2. Why did you choose to start a blog?
3. Since this is the Infinity Dreams Tag, what is your biggest dream, no matter how out there it may seem?
4. Favorite subject in school? (If you in school still. If not, what WAS your favorite subject?) 
5. Where would you live in the world, if you could live anywhere?
6. How would you describe your personal style?
7. Who has inspired you? It can be anyone, past, present, fictional, or no. 
8. Do you prefer open plains, and sparkling beaches, or rugged mountains and wild forests?
9. If you could meet one celebrity, who would you choose?
10. Favorite Disney princess? (Or Disney character if you don't prefer princesses.) 
11. Favorite quote? 

Have fun girls!! 



  1. This is great! It's funny, i read this while sitting with my family while they watch Sherlock! I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS cry whenever I watch BBC's Robin Hood s2 finale!! I don't know if you've seen it- but it never fails, I'm always in tears. Oh yes, and I always cry at LOTR_ my favorite movie series ever! Usually Sam's speech in Two Towers has me in tears. Oh and just wondering- did you tag me or another Morgan? :D

    1. That's so funny! I haven't watched BBC's Robin Hood, although I have heard so much about it I really must try.. :)

      Ya, how can you not cry at that part?? It's so aghhh!! I also cry at the Mount Doom scene... "I can't carry it for you Mr. Frodo, but I can carry you!!" Gets me every time.

      To be honest I tagged another Morgan, but since I was supposed to tag 11, and I really cheated, please please PLEASE do the tag to! I would love to read your answers!!

    2. Morg! The S2 finale! I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It's just way, waaaaaaaayyy too much. The slow motion and music and the gang all being heartbroken too, and AAAAHHHH WHY?!?!

  2. Thanks, can't wait to do the tag! *scratches head* I may have done it before, nevertheless, I shall do it again! :D

    1. No problem! I've done this one before too, but the questions were new.. So.... :)

  3. Thank you, dear!! On your 11 facts #2, I am the same! I love getting dressed up with makeup and dresses, but I will climb a tree, dance in the rain or something of the sort. :) Fall is my favorite season, too!! The Dark Knight movies are awesome!!! Wonderful post, Abigail!! :DD I will get up my answers sometime this week. :D Thanks again!

  4. This is going to be a long comment, so...brace yourself. :D

    About your second, fact-- I totally get that! I love makeup and Jane Austen and Disney princesses, but I also love Marvel, and climbing trees, and four-wheeling(when I get the chance).

    Your 5th fact, too-- I don't know about LIVE in Europe, but visiting would be absolutely epic. :D Which part would you like to live in?

    #11 is me too. :)

    Fall is lovely. It's rather ugly and short-lived in Alaska, but I love all the Fall-ish movie scenes and "back-to-school" excitement I associate with fall.

    Ah, I might have to choose cake, too. But it'd have to be homemade cake, because the stuff they sell in stores isn't what cake is supposed to be. (In my opinion, of course. :D)

    Yessss, those books make me happy, too! I need to re-read Narnia.

    Mmmhmm, though I may sometimes fall into that guilty party, hasty assumptions generally aggravate me too. Especially when it comes to politics.

    Edmund is a great answer! He's so unappreciated. He would be a great friend, although Jo March would be too. :)

    Another pen fan! :) But both are great.

    Thank you for tagging me!! It always makes me happy to see my name among the others you've tagged. I'll post my answers sometime soonish. :D

    1. I love long comments!! :)

      Yes!! That's how I feel! I can't say I'm one or the other... Because yes I may be wearing a dress and flats, and have my hair up, but I can still beat you in a foot race. ;)

      I would love to live in England, preferably London.. Maybe I'll do an exchange program or something. Then I could travel around Europe. I may not live there for long, but I'd love to live there even a year, to full experience the culture, and see the sights fully.

      Yes!! Fall is cozy and chilly both at the same time. :)

      No, the storebought stuff tends to have fake pudding, and to much icing. But good, homemade cakes are delicious.

      Don't they though, I just AGHH can't explain the feeling. ;) You understand though!

      The one I hate most is when someone makes an assumption about me... What my personality is like, or what answer I'm going to say, or assumptions about my interests and stuff. It's like "GOSH!! Are you living my life? No! Do you know what thoughts I have running through my head? No! " That drives me nuts, and makes me so mad...

      Yes! I love Edmund so much!!! I can't decide if I want him as a brother, or a boyfriend... ;)

      Pens are good. So are pencils. Writing is good. :)

      Not a problem dearie! I see I'm not the only one who loves a good tag. ;) Have fun! Can't wait to see your answers!!

  5. YAY YOU DID THE TAG!!! *jumps in the air* And your answers are scrumptious. (Hush, we all know that words can be just as scrumptious as food.)

    Oh my word, you have THREE brothers?? Girl, you must have bucket-loads of patience! My best friend has five brothers and...needless to say, she's pretty amazing. XD

    YES. I want an English accent more than life! (Hehe, not dramatic at all. Noooope. ;) ) And gosh, I would LOVE to live in Europe! Ooh, and Lords of the Rings always does and always will make me dissolve in tears. Just...yeah, that's all.

    I adore fall! It's probably my second favorite season, just after winter. Essentially everything you mentioned explains why I love it so.

    YUM CAKE. (But I would choose cookies because GINGERBREAD.) And your answer to #4 made me laugh. "And just think of the pranks you could pull!!" XDDD

    NARNIA IS JOY ITSELF AND WHERE IS MY PET DRAGON WHEN I NEED IT. Also, Edmund would make a splendid friend. :D

    Eeep, I just loved reading all your answers! And the pictures you chose are stunning. :O

    1. Of course!!!! And I use the word scrumptious to! And delicious. I use them to describe things other than food if you can believe it!!

      Haha yes... I suppose I do, but I must admit I don't have as much as I should. :)

      And English accent more than life. That sums it up perfectly. And I cry so much in LOTR.

      Fall is amazing. As is cake. And cookies.


      Thank you so much! I had soooo much fun answering them! And the pictures are all stolen from Olivia and Naomi Bennett's pinterest account so.... :)

  6. Your blog is beautiful and magical, and HOW HAVE I NOT READ IT BEFORE NOW? *spends rest of the day reading ALL of your posts*

    1. Aw thank you so much!! You made my day with that comment!! :) <3

  7. Thanks, Abby! Can't wait to answer these questions :)

    Your answer to #4 is so spot-on perfect. Mah gash.

    I loved all the pictures in this post (who am I kidding, in your every post). ESPECIALLY THE SECOND TO LAST ONE! ;D

    1. Not a problem dear!

      Haha thanks! It is an odd but true predicament. :)

      Thank you! Truth be told they are mostly from your Pinterest board.. :) I thought you would like that one.. :)


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