Cate Blanchett's Red Carpet Looks

 So Olivia just did a post like this, and I decided to steal her idea. And then I decided to switch it up a bit, and only do Cate Blanchett's Red Carpet Looks. Because she always looks stunning, no?

Okay, so the pink cape thingy is a little weird, but the rest of the dress is soooooo swoony. I mean, the little flower details, the shoes, it looks like something a fairy would wear. Really. 

I like the shoulder on this one, and the train and flowers.. I MEAN THAT TRAIN!! It's so gorgeous! It all has a very Marilyn Monroe feel to it, doesn't it? 

This one is cute. I love the cut of the dress, and the tone of blue. It flatters her figure nicely, and the heart/bird things are cute to. I'm not sure about the purple shoes though.... 

Gah. The color of this one is perfect. The gold leaves and stuff and it pulls the material so nicely. And her makeup is always so perfect!!?? 

This one is so classy. The Black is classic, but the blue necklace makes it even better. And I really like her hair to..... 

I LOVE THIS ONE!! I mean seriously, I would wear it!!! But then again, I would wear every single one of these dresses. But the lace? And the shoes, and the modesty? 

I'm pretty sure this was from last years Oscar's, and this dress was stunning. I love the  modesty again, the flowers, her earrings, her hair!! Everything about this is just so elegant and etherial. 

Dawww. It's from Cinderella!! :) Seriously, this outfit looks so comfortable, and still elegant and gorgeous, it makes me want to just wear it everywhere. The cream shirt with the dark navy is such a classic gorgeous color choice, and then the necklace to pull it together..... Yes. Bravo Cate. 

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, for my absolute favorite dress of all times, from this year's Oscars...

It. Is. The. Most. Gorgeous. Dress. Ever. Period. 
I mean, all those flowers, and the heavenly color, and the satin material, and the earrings, and the starfish bracelet, and her hair..... I know it's a bit low down the front, but that is minor compared to the rest of it. I shall just let you take it in now. :) 

What do you think of Cate's Style?
Which dresses were your favorites? 
Do Tell. 


  1. Woaww 😊😊😊😊 These are so beautiful! I hadn't seen a lot of them before. Love it! I think that last one might be my favorite too. I wish the neckline was higher too but I think the color and the flowers are just gorgeous ❤️ And I love her bracelet too!

    1. Aren't they all so swoony? The last one is most definitely the best. :)

  2. My favorite is definately #2, #5, and the very last one. Lovely post! :)

    1. Yes. They are all lovely. Thanks for the comment Laura!

  3. Eeeeks, I'm so happy you did a post like this! Aaaaaand, apparently I need to Google Cate's red carpet style more often--these are beautiful!!

    #1, I'm not crazy about the cape, but when she takes it off I like it :)

    AND #2. WUUUUUTTT. That's absolutely gorgeous! (And it does have a Marilyn Monroe sort of feel to it…)

    The second-to-last one ALMOST seems too casual for the red carpet, but it's so durned pretty, and I really admire her being comfortable with going more casual for a red carpet premiere.

    And the last one! I agree with you, the color is AH-MAH-ZING! The flower details are maybe a little bit much for me…I'm still deciding. But I like looking at it :D

    Seriously, I loved like every single one of these…such a fun post! :)

    1. Yes. You must google her style. It's scrumptious. Most of the time at least... And thanks so much to you for the idea.... :)

      Same!! It's so much nicer without the cape.

      It sorta screams Marilyn Monroe to me... Especially since she's a blonde.

      Yes, I agree, but it makes up for the formalness in regards to elegance and class. And I mean it would be nice to be comfortable to... ;) To quote our beloved Alcott, "But dear me, let us be elegant or die!!"

      The last one is my favorite. It's modern and edgy, hence all the flowers and stuff, but the cut and style and color is heaven. The neckline must be fixed, but other than that... Yah. :)

      Thanks so much! :D

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it though? I was so blown away when I saw it...

    2. Isn't it though? I was so blown away when I saw it...


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