Music Lovelies for Ya'll

  So before I go and complete my Canadian Geography Assignment that is worth 10% of my final mark approximately ten hours before it's due, ***waves hands in the air and dances around singing procrastination*** I thought I would share a few of the songs that I have been raving about lately.

This girl is going to go places. Seriously. Her voice??

And this girl.... Woah.

And now three videos of this Welsh choir, which is choir goals.....


And finally, the one I have been raving about for so long... I'm sure you all know of Peter Hollens, but have you heard of Avi Kaplan? He's this epic bass from Pentatonix, an acapella group and he is so flipping talented......

GAHHHHHHH! I'm sorry, but Avi. Enough said.

Hope you listen to these as much as I have. Good luck with all of you who are finishing school now to!!


  1. Seriously though, PTX is magic. And AVI. Bless his heart. His voice is amazing.

  2. Good luck on your geography!


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