Red Carpet Fashion: My Own Style

 Many a time, I've seen those dresses on Pinterest, (the ones that make you drool and wish you had a closet full of them) and thought, "I would wear that on the red carpet." Well behold, my thoughts have become a blog post as they often do, and this time it's all of my red carpet outfits. One's that I shall wear someday, when I get to go to a premier. Because that is honestly one of my dreams.

Outfit One: This dress is gorgeous.... I'm a sucker for flowy dresses, and those sheer flowers. And the bodice is a nice twist. So when I saw these blush shoes I thought they would be the perfect match.

Outfit Two:  I love the blue and gold accents on this dress, especially the lace. And the neckline is not horribly low, and wouldn't reveal a lot of cleavage on someone like me. AND THESE SHOES ARE SO SWEET!! They match perfectly but they aren't super crazy. Hearts.

Outfit Three:  This dress. These shoes. This whole outfit. Gah. It's all so delicious!!! I love the patterns and the pop of colors. Also the cut is really modest to. :) Perfect.

Outfit Four: I liked the darkness of this dress, and the lace shawl type thing. And since there's a cutout by the feet, it would show off elegant shoes like these ones, and display the details well.

Outfit Five: This dress is a classic. The black, with the fitted cut and the sparkles are sooooo cute. And these shoes would play off the silver really well. 

Outfit Six: So this dress is so classic and gorgeous and classy to. The lace, and the halter top and gah, I love it. Since it's a high low dress, I thought these crazy and gorgeous gold butterfly shoes would really be the statement piece of the outfit. 

Outfit Seven:   Again, the blue and lace sold this one for me. And these shoes are so minimal but sweet and elegant... I thought the silver would match well to. :) 

Outfit Eight:  I love the red on this skirt, and the lace boat neck top.. And these shoes are just so glamourous..,...

Outfit Nine: I love this dress. I love the midnight blue color, and how it has a whole picture on it, and the sparkels... And I think these shoes would add the perfect whimsical touch. Because those little silver leaves... ??

That's all I have at the moment, what do you think? Would you wear any of them?


  1. Oh goodness, I love this post SO much, all those outfits are absolutely GORGEOUS! I would wear pretty much all of them :). Do you have a favorite?

    1. Aw thank you Savannah!!

      I love them all so much too!! A favorite? Ooohhh...... How about top 3? In that case probably 1, 3, and 9. But GAH they are all lovely. :)

  2. Gahhh!

    Let's see: I think I would wear pretty much all these dresses. xD But the last one especially is So. Crazy. Gorgeous. Just ahhhhhh, I wants it. And the model's makeup and hair...and that it's modest as well...may I just keep it? ;)

    As for the shoes: I'm actually not sure I'd be able to wear any of them! xD I never wear high heels, so those might kill me(exaggeration, much?), but the last pair look maybe a bit more comfortable and I love the leaves with the dress. The shoes with outfit #3 also look a bit more practical with my balancing abilities. ;)

    Anyways, thanks for sharing these!

    1. I KNOW!!! That last one is just amazing!!! It's so perfect, and would fit right in with a red carpet event. I wuvs it endlessly.

      Hee hee, I understand. I personally love love love heels, and since I'm quite short, I could pull all of these off. If I practiced, I'm sure I could survive them. I hope to high heaven I could. :)

      Not a problem!! I thought it was something interesting to do! :)

  3. My favorites are 2, 5, 7. I just love those blues! I am not a girly-girl, but even I would die if I got a chance to wear some of these dresses.

    1. Yes. Even non girly girls can't help but love some of these..... Those ones are sooooo lovely. :)

  4. How are these all so amazingly GORGEOUS? You have excellent taste!


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