About Myself

    AGH! You've found my blog, and I'm so glad you did! I hope you'll stick around for a bit, so we can get to know each other.

I suppose I'll start ;)

In case you missed it, I'm Abigail. Here are just a few things about myself.

    I'm a Christian, saved by grace, and constantly learning what it means to grab hands, and lock eyes with the One who created me and put words in my mouth, and a song in my heart.
    I'm 16, and have three brothers. (It's not as bad as it sounds, I promise) I'm a proud Canadian, and live in Ontario, where the weather is perfect. We get warm summers and cold winters, and gorgeous Autumns.

    I love rainy days, and cold afternoons. I love wood fires and oversized chunky sweaters. I have an obsession with fluffy blankets and candles. I want to travel desperately. Especially to Europe. I'd love to live in England. Or Ireland. Or Scotland.

    I love Broadway, and have multiple musicals practically memorized. Books and stories are my thing. I'm fascinated by words. I love to write, though I'm not the greatest at it. I desperately love classic literature.... Especially Shakespeare.  I love acting, especially theatre, and have been lucky enough to be in some performances. It's one of the most incredible feelings: being on stage bringing stories to life.

    I have a soft spot for anything BBC..... more specifically Merlin, and Sherlock. Once Upon a Time makes me incredibly happy as well. Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings are a gift to this earth, and Narnia will always be my home.

    My dream is to get a degree in English Literature, and Fine Dramatic Arts; so I could work in theatre. Political Science is fascinating to.

    My favourite season is fall. My favourite accent is a Scottish one. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite animal is my dog. My favourite author is C. S. Lewis. My favourite book is The Book Thief. I prefer mountains and forests to the beach. I love jeans and scarves and high heels.

   That's me, summed up in a few short paragraphs. What about you? Comment below some things about yourself, if you so choose. If we have any of these things in common, we're bound to get along well. And if you got the Little Women reference that is my blog title, then we are already practically BFF's.


  1. I KNEW THE REFERENCE AS SOON AS I SAW THE NAME. It's actually why I clicked on the link. <3 Also, Once Upon a Time and Killian and Sherlock and Jesus and acting and Narnia EEEEEEEEEE you are a wonderful person. I'm so glad I found your blog. :) <3

    Drop in @ carolinemeek.blogspot.com!

    1. HUZZAH!!! Oh, I love finding things in common with other people!! Let us be friends then. :) Welcome to my Castle!! ;)

  2. Hi there!

    What a charming blog you have!!! I just found your blog and I love it!!!

    I'm glad I found your blog! :D

    1. Aw thank you Rachel!!! I'm so glad you like it!!

  3. Hi! So wow, this looks like a lovely, lovely blog! And I'd really like to follow along, but I can't see where I can follow... Is there somewhere I enter my email?

    1. Hi! Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

      Oh my word! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! I just added a spot for you to sign up: if you click the side bar at the top left of the page, you'll see a spot underneath my profile. Thanks so much for the question!

    2. Thank you! And sure thing, I'm glad you added it, now I won't miss out on any posts! :]

  4. You sound like my type of Kindred Spirit Abby!! I love sooooo many of the things you listed!!

    I'd looove to live in Ireland or Scotland someday, that would be so amazing!! And traveling Europe is a huge dream of mine (and I love Scottish accents too, hence wanting to move to Scotland ;))


    You're blog is so lovely! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! :)

    (I also caught the Little Women reference ;))

    1. Ahhhh hurrah!!!! I'm so glad we have these things in common!!!

      Agh yes Ireland and Scotland are stunning and I would happily live out my days in them as well. SCOTTISH ACCENTS ARE AMAZING!!! And Europe. Just Europe. Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, I want to see it all. I feel you.

      NARNIA! YES!

      Thank your! :) I'm so glad you found it as well <3

      Yes. Yes. We can be friends ;)


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