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a little life update to usher in spring

Wow. It has been a while since I have last popped in, but I assure you I have not forgotten this lovely place, and all you lovely people. I've had a few post ideas, and have been chipping away on a book review in my free time, and thought it's not actually done, I have been thinking about how much I miss this blog. However, life changes and so do we all, thus that is all the remorse I will offer.

   I'm sitting in my bedroom wearing my self dubbed 'old British man sweater', drinking Earl Grey tea, (God's gift to this earth, I assure you) with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack blaring, and twinkle lights in full glory. I have a quite moment, and thus emerges this little life update.

Lately I've been:


    My reading schedule as of late has been shockingly lazy. I am realizing that I no longer read as much as I used too; something that saddens me and yet is inevitable. That being said, I am still plugging away on more classic and literature-esqe novels…

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