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I've been blogging for three years now {and how good it's been}

So as I was trying to find a suitable header picture for this new blog template, (the plague of my life let me tell you) and updating profile picture because they are (it seems like) decades old, I realized that I have had this blog for three years. Three years!! And oh, they have been a good three years.

    It seems like so long ago when I started this blog. So much has changed. 
   I was shy then. 13 years old, in Grade Eight.  I was homeschooled, and terrified of the idea of school. My hair was longer, and straighter. I was shorter. I took piano lessons. I loved horse back riding lessons. I was afraid of storms, and leaving home. I wanted to be a horse trainer. And then an actress. I loved to bake. I wanted to get better at writing. I didn't really realize what books meant to me. 
    I'm more outgoing now. I'm 16, and in Grade Eleven at a public high school. And guess what? I actually kinda love it there. My hair is short, and curly. (on good days) I'm still …

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