Cinderella 2015

    I have always enjoyed watching Disney princess movies.  My personal favorite princess has always been Cinderella, every since I was little. I watched the movie every time I visited my Grandparents in the States, I had my own Cinderella dress, I just loved her!

It has been a long time since Disney first released Cinderella in 1950, hasn't it?? Well, now they are releasing it again, but this time it isn't animated! Introducing..... Drum roll please.....

 Yes!! Disney is re-making Cinderella, this time with actors, instead of animation. And oh my heavens, am I ever excited!! I haven't been this excited about a movie in a very long time. 
I have really loved many of Disney's non animated movies; Pirates of the Caribbean and Secretariat were amazing, and Maleficent is on my must see list. Well, it looks like they are going to continue their line of well made movies with Cinderella. It looks phenomenal, the acting, the sets, everything! And good grief, it's the story of Cinderella! It would be difficult to go wrong with that story. So I am now counting down the days till March when we can go see Cinderella!   -Abigail