It's February, and Digory Kirke

    Yaaaaay! It's February! And that means its one step closer to spring. And Valentine's Day. (Which means a new stock of candy, I've eaten all my stuff from Christmas.) I've been feeling very very very Narnian lately, even more so than I normally do. I think it's because I'm almost finished The Last Battle, there was bucket loads of snow this morning, (it is a snow day yay!) and I have the famous quote "Bless me, what DO they teach them at these schools?" stuck in my head. Yes, I've been thinking about Digory Kirke a lot today. So I am going to post some lovely pictures of Professor Digory Kirke for your looking enjoyment.  All the drawings are by Pauline Baynes. I found them on her website, and a few other random ones.

(When Digory first meets Polly in TMN)

(The Professor in TLWW)

(Digory in the garden in TMN. Yes, that is Jadis in the background!)

(That's Digory with the gold beard in TLB)

(The guinia pig Uncle Andrew sent to the wood between the worlds in TMN. I know its random, but it is so cute!)