Movie Review: The Young Victoria

    So here it is at last... A review on The Young Victoria.

Wow... Where to begin??? 
This movie was beautiful. Lovely sets, gorgeous costumes, excellent acting, and a sweet romance.. It was wonderful from every aspect. The movie is based on the life of well, you guessed it, the young (Queen) Victoria. Victoria had a pretty tough childhood, she was babied, sheltered, and the truth that she was the next in line to the throne was withheld from her. Nice right? She starts speaking up for herself, and following her own ideas and views, instead of being controlled by the power hungry people around her. Victoria was an extremely strong woman, she was brave, she stood up for what she felt was right, and for that, I admire her greatly. She was stubborn sometimes, but hey, we all have our faults right? 

Victoria, portrayed by Emily Blunt
  So while Victoria is slowly discovering who she is, Albert comes into the picture. (In cause you didn't know, Albert was the prince of Germany.)

Albert, portrayed by Rupert Friend

Albert came to woo Victoria, but instead of trying to make her fall for him, he merely became her friend, when she needed one most. He encouraged her in who she was, gave her his honest opinion, and helped open her eyes to the fact that there were people beyond the palace walls; people that needed her help. I also love that he believed she could lead the people, and that she would make a good queen.

And then romance begins to blossom... (Cue all the cute romantic pictures of Victoria and Albert..)

Seriously, I love how excited he looks..

    Hee hee, I love it.. It's totally the classic "guy is instructing the girl in something, and has to wrap his arms around her moment". 
Awe.. Their first dance!! :D
    As I'm sure you've guessed, they get married eventually.

And now I'm not going to tell you anymore of the story, because you have to watch it to find out what happens next. (Smiles cruelly, and laughs at your agony.)

As for the other technical aspects of the movie, here is your brief review. 

The sets were so clean and beautiful; not to mention lavish and extravagant. (Palace life, right?)
The costumes... Oh my the costumes. Does this sum it up? Every dress Victoria wore, I would wear. Every. Single. One. The acting was also superb. 

As for any other objectionable content, I am so glad to say that this film was very clean! 
The was minimal language, and there was no objectionable romantic content. There was nothing worst than some rather passionate kissing between Victoria and Albert, but that was after they where married, so that's okay. There where also a few suggestive scenes, but they didn't show anything that needed to be fast forwarded. (Bravo!) Victoria didn't have a very good relationship with her mother, but (from what I could tell) they made up in the end, which was nice to see. 

All in all, I highly recommend this movie. You need to go watch it. Now. Just be prepared for all the laughing and crying feels that will come upon you while watching. You have been warned. 

Thanks for putting up with all my ramblings! All the pictures and stuff aren't mine, and I don't own them. Oh, and even though I only showed pictures of Albert and Victoria, there are other characters in the movie... :D



  1. This is a really beautiful, sweet movie, is it not?;) I love the pictures from the photoshoot they did with her and Albert when she's wearing her green dress:D

    The FEELS in those last scenes, though!!! When he takes that--thing for her! All the pains! And then in the very last shot when they're laughing before pulling it together for the public...siiiiiiigh.

  2. I love this movie! It's so beautiful! She is such an amazing character! I watched this movie the other day (after a couple of years) and I bawled my eyes out. I can't remember why (sigh) but I cried a lot. ;)


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