Book Review: A Lineage of Grace and Mark of the Lion

   So here I am dearies, and I am going to do a book review. So lately I have been reading a lot of Francine Rivers, and just finished two of her series: A Lineage of Grace, and Mark of the Lion. I'm going to now give my opinion of both series. Here we go!!

- A Lineage of Grace-

    A Lineage of Grace is a five book series, re-telling the stories of some of the most famous women in the lineage of Jesus. She focuses on Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. I really liked the idea for the series, it's different, and well done. Francine is a really great author; just because she writes in a different time period doesn't mean the quality is diminished. The emotion is retained throughout all the books.

    The content of the books isn't bad at all, there are a few more "mature" scenes that are suggestive, or just meant for someone older, but there was nothing horribly graphic. (applause)

    What I loved about this series, is that these women were flawed, (foreign women, adulteresses, prostitutes) and yet God used them in the lineage of Jesus. They all served Him faithfully, and the Lord blessed them in return. I would definitely recommend this series, but probably for a bit of an older audience. All in all, read these books!!

My rating: 6.5 out of 10

-Mark of the Lion-

    Once again, another winner series from Francine Rivers. These books are set several years after the ascension of Jesus. They follow the life of Hadassah, a Hebrew slave girl who was taken into slavery when Jerusalem fell. She is a christian, (a dangerous thing to be in that time) and as she serves her wealthy yet unhappy masters, she works hard to be a light.

   The story also follows the life of Atretes, a German warrior who was captured and trained to be a gladiator. (I won't say anything else about him, or else I will give you spoilers!!) Francine skillfully weaves three stories together, the story of Hadassah, Atretes, and Hadassah's owners; the Valerian family. (Though the story mainly follows Marcus and Julia.) All the characters somehow become related, or know each other throughout the course of the three books. (such good writing!)

    I devoured these books, (maybe to fast) they were so hard to put down!! I will mention however, that there was quite a bit more mature content in this series then in anything else I have read. First, Ancient Rome was a rotting city, its practices horrid and vulgar and immoral. I found myself repulsed when reading about the mobs going mad over blood, the affairs, (there were quite a bit of these) the pagan practices, the immoral practices, everything. (There also were quite a few suggestive scenes as well) Though Francine didn't go into great detail, she certainly didn't gloss over these things. So I would certainly say be prepared for that.

   None the less, if you can move on from the decaying thing that was Rome, the story is a lovely one of faith through the hard times, true friendship, forgiveness, hope, and a way out of the darkness, and how God will give a fresh start to anyone, all weaved into a sweet romance. So I would highly recommend these books, just go in prepared for some of the content I mentioned. Totally read these books; they are soooooo good!!!

My rating: 5 out of 10

Thanks for reading dearies!!


  1. I'm definitely going to look for the books! I know you told me some other details in the last series you mentioned, still not sure about those...

    1. Ya, i didn't like some of that content, but if you can move on from it, they are really amazing books, with some beautiful themes...


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