Why I love Narnia so much....

  Inspired by Alicia's recent post about Narnia, I decided to explain my somewhat-deeper-than-an-obsession of Narnia. My apologies if this is rambled, or makes no sense; I shall not attempt to organize my thoughts. Sooooo............ where do I start??

    Narnia, to me, is so much more than just a story.. It's like my "home away from home" (to quote an anonymous person on a Narnia Confessions website...) The characters, the stories, the lessons, everything about it is so familiar and comforting. I have laughed, cried, and been comforted by its words and its wisdom, sprinkled throughout.

  Have you ever felt that stories speak to you in a more real way then anything else? That you are more open to them because it's not just one more person saying the same thing over and over?  I've experienced that with Narnia so often.. C.S. Lewis masterfully weaved in lessons, truths, morals, and the nature of God into his stories, and they have touched me. So. many. times.

I love the characters. Lucy, Edmund, Jill, Caspian, Tirian, Mr. Tumnus, Puddleglum, Rillian, Reepicheep, Puzzle; they are all old friends! I appreciate that all these characters are still human. (well some are animals, and some are more mystical creatures,) but I love that they aren't perfect. (that sounded bad... :) You know how sometimes you read a book, and the characters are so annoyingly perfect, so that as much as you love them, they drive you mad, because you could never be like them.. Well the characters in Narnia aren't like that. They make mistakes. They mess up. They are stubborn, and foolish, and bothersome, (Eustace I'm looking at you!!) and prideful, and have all those wonderful problems that we do. (Thank you Mr. Lewis for making your characters relatable!)

The books are written beautifully; so simple. Narnia itself is so welcoming and warm and friendly that I want to live there forever! (shocker!!) It is ruled by Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve, (which btw are people of our race.) and normal, everyday kids get into it. It is a child's place yes, but it is most certainly not foolish. It is not a boring place; why you should have been there at that battle for Anvard.. Or the first battle of Beruna, or the flight through the pass, or when the sea serpent attacked.. Oh no dearies, it is not boring. It is Narnia. It is the place were everyone, in their heart of hearts, longs to go; whether they know it or not. A place where they can be brave knights, and valiant ladies. 

And The Chronicles of Narnia was written by a man who believed the impossible, who thought that you are never to old for fairy tales; that all stories have value wether they seem silly or not, and who was a christian, held .."in the paws of the true Aslan." 

That is why I love Narnia so much. 


  1. *sniffles* This is beautiful. Really, it is.

    YES. Oh my goodness, yes. That part about feeling that stories touch you like nothing else can--absolutely. I so relate. (I think I'll write up a post kind of like this one one of these days--you know, talking about the power of stories, especially certain stories that have stayed with me.)

    I just…need to read this series again. I LOVE Narnia, and I love Lewis, and there are a few of the books with which I need to become better acquainted;)

    But anyway--again, beautiful. Your expressions were so eloquent, Abby!

    1. Thank you!!

      Yes, I think I am going to read this series again over this summer.. They are so beautiful!!

      What is is about stories??!! It reminds me of what Sam said to Frodo at the end of The Two Towers; (the movie)

      "It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered…"

      I look forward to that post!!


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